Shemtov Systems Air Conditioning and Heating Introduces New Inverter Technology

Silver Spring, Maryland, May 17, 2016 : Shemtov Systems Air Conditioning and Heating is pleased to announce they are introducing a new inverter technology to their line of products. This new technology changes the way air conditioners work by varying the amount of refrigerant cycled through the compressor for temperature control, rather than the traditional compressor, which is either operating at full capacity or shut off entirely, helping to save energy and keep the environment more comfortable.

In addition to reducing energy bills by using the new inverter technology, Shemtov Systems Air Conditioning and Heating is also offering replacement options for Freon R-22.  Anyone who currently uses this type of refrigerant is well aware of the cost associated with using it. Customers who have this type of Freon in their systems can now contact Shemtov Systems Air Conditioning and Heating to switch over to the lower cost, more efficient R-424A. All it requires is a simple drop-in retrofit kit to start using a different refrigerant and lower the operating costs of an air conditioning unit or other HVAC system that requires the use of Freon.

There are a number of benefits of using the R-424A Freon replacement for HVAC systems. Owners will enjoy higher efficiency, a lower discharge temperature, zero ozone depletion and a lower discharge pressure. These units offer the same capacity with no hardware required to make the change. The Freon is also non-flammable. When combined with the new inverter technology, customers will find their systems are more efficient than ever.

Anyone interested in learning about this new inverter technology or the Freon replacement options can find out more by visiting the Shemtov Systems Air Conditioning and Heating website or by calling 1-240-355-3333.

About Shemtov Systems Air Conditioning and Heating : Shemtov Systems Air Conditioning and Heating is a commercial and residential HVAC company that provides installation, service and repairs. They offer a 24-hour emergency line so their customers can get the service they require, whenever they need it most. Customers can receive a free estimate on all new installations, as well as replacement units. Their technicians take great pride in providing their customers with the highest level of service possible.




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