A little tune and some advice from Tim on how to save on insurance

(Fremont County, Wyo.) - Have you watched TV, gotten mail or been on the internet in the last month? Odds are you were bombarded with insurance companies marketing how they are better than the other guy. Most of them claimed something like “the average person saves $437 per year after they switch!” Full disclosure, my name is Tim Robeson and I am the Branch Manager of Tegeler Insurance in Lander, and yes I would like to speak with you about your insurance. But first, let’s take a moment to get real and look at 4 ways to save $$ on your insurance.
1. Don’t Listen to the Internet! - Who do you think cares more about you, the internet or a local agent who is a member of your community? The local agent like Tim will make sure you are properly protected while Mr. Google is only concerned about the up front costs. Being properly protected will help you save money if there is ever a claim!
2. Be Independent! - An independent agent like Tim has access to multiple insurance companies. That means you can save money (and time) by contacting Tim and having his team quote several companies instead of just one. We know Wyoming folks are independent, your agent should be too.
3. It’s OK to say you don’t understand! - Insurance isn’t always easy to understand. Save money and get piece of mind by asking questions! It’s another situation where you might not save money initially, but you will be properly protected which will save you money if there is a claim. Tim likes answering your questions so why don’t you make an appointment?
4. You can’t save if you don’t try! - The first step to saving is to call Tim! Perpetual procrastination is guaranteed to not save you any $$.

Remember, insurance is an extremely competitive industry so there is usually an opportunity to save some upfront dollars, but don’t forget about having the right coverage in place. Here at Tegeler Insurance in Lander we want to be your agency of choice for all of your insurance. Please give me a call or stop by my office to see how we can help you!!
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