Major Problems to Avoid When Offering Free Public Wi-Fi

Offering public Wi-Fi to the customers is one of the sure fire ways to build client loyalty and attract new visitors. It is not really important, what kind of business you are running. If you offer free Internet access, you customers will be likely to come back over and over again. And it is no wonder, taking into account the growing popularity of the global network.

People cannot imagine a day without the web nowadays. It is not about entertainment or communication only. It is often about business and family relationships as well. That is why, it is often crucial for the users to use the Internet even on the go and this is where a free map of Wi-Fi access points may come in handy. These maps are available on the web nowadays and you can easily find out where exactly free Wi-Fi hotspots can be found with regard to the location you are in. The option is very convenient and helps save time, effort and the unneeded hassle.

With that said, it is obvious that public Wi-Fi plays an important role in the lives of millions of people around the globe. Correspondingly, the owners of cafes, restaurants, hotels and other businesses consider it crucial to set up wireless networks in their facilities. If you are right about to do the same, keep in mind the major mistakes you should avoid.

    1. Insecure Network

    One of the major problems that is frequently associated with public Wi-Fi is, undoubtedly, the safety issue. With lots of hectic stories told around and the increasing number of online scams and frauds, many people are afraid to launch to the wireless public networks, even if their mobile devices are protected. The thing is that modern hackers are knowledgeable and skillful at hacking any devices and this is what poses a huge problem. So, it is the business owner’s responsibility to ensure online security to each and every customer. Think about that in advance.

    2. Poor Connection

    Setting up the wireless network is only half of the business. What you should make sure about is that the connection should be of high quality, without any failures and disconnections that may frustrate your customers. To prevent this from happening, discuss the available options with the internet provider you deal with. If needed, invest more into the service to get the expected revenue and increase the level of customer satisfaction.

    3. Deterring the Squatters Away

    When you setup the wireless network in your café, for example, you certainly expect to grow your customer base. There is nothing strange about that, because profit generation and client attraction are your major priorities. However, there will always be people, who will be eager to make use of free Wi-Fi without ordering something or using other services you offer. Why should you invest in this technology, if it does not bring you profit? That doesn’t make any sense! There are two ways you can choose from here. You can either organize a special room for the clients, who will have the desire to use free Wi-Fi or you can protect your Wi-Fi access with a password offering it to customers only. That is a reasonable way out.

    These are only a few mistakes you can make when deciding to set up free Wi-Fi to promote your business. If you have already adopted this decision, take your time to think it over, weigh all the pros and cons and then make the right choice that will both cater to the needs of your clients and meet your business objectives. May this choice be a success!