Every Financial Verse in the Bible: In Defense of Stillness by Jae Elizabeth

What does the Bible have to say about finance? Discover In Defense of Stillness: over 8,000 financial bible verses at your fingertips.

47 Verses on Recovering from Identity Theft

203 Verses on Financial Protection

128 Verses on Recovering Lost Items

256 Verses on Obtaining Debt Cancellation

175 Verses on Becoming Gainfully Employed

248 Verses on Abundance and Prosperity

196 Verses on Sowing and Reaping in Finances

151 Verses on Tithing....and thousands more. 

In Defense of Stillness is the world's largest scholastic compilation of full financial scriptures covering topics from obtaining debt cancellation; modern-day identity protection; finding employment; purchasing a home and finding and funding one's calling. Discover the Holy Bible in a new way. Available for purchase globally at university bookstores and thousands of retailers wherever books are sold, including Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, iTunes, Indiebound and Amazon.


Jae Elizabeth is the author of In Defense of Stillness, the world's largest scholastic compilation of full financial biblical scriptures, as well as The Blessing Book and The Power of Being. In addition to developing a fair labor menswear line, Jae Elizabeth founded Jae Magazine, a niche print and digital magazine on optimism, and serves as its Editor-in-Chief.

After graduating from law school, she volunteered, travelled internationally and briefly freelanced for The Crisis Magazine before continuing her education at Columbia University in the United Nations Studies program. After the successful launch of Jae Magazine, she pursued post-graduate continuing studies at Harvard University. You can visit her online for free resources at and on Twitter @JaeElizabeth1.

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