Laboratory Data Loggers Market - Global Industry Growth Forecast 2016 - 2024

Laboratory Data Loggers Market: Overview

A data logger is an electronic device that records data over time or based on the location with the help of inbuilt instrument or sensors. Data loggers are widely used in agriculture, weather forecast, automobile industry, and laboratories. Laboratory data loggers are the devices that are used in clinical laboratories to monitor various parameters such as time, temperature, pressure and humidity. Laboratory data loggers are also referred data recorder or data loggers.

Laboratory Data Loggers Market: Growth Enablers

Demand for laboratory data loggers is swiftly increasing owing to its advantages such as small size, portability, microprocessor equipped and battery power. In addition, data loggers also provide advantages such as internal memory storage, personal computer interface, software and sensors enabling. Therefore, rising demand is fueling the growth of the global laboratory loggers market. Furthermore, rising number of clinical and research laboratories is propelling the growth of the global laboratory loggers market. While on the other hand, high cost, requirement of calibration of sensor for accurate recording, and loss of data on logger breakage or malfunction are some of the disadvantages that are restraining growth of the global laboratory loggers market.

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Laboratory Data Loggers Market: Region-wise Insight

Geographically, the global laboratory loggers market is segmented as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Rest of the World (RoW). North America comprises community laboratory loggers market for the U.S and Canada. Europe comprises cumulative market of laboratory loggers in Germany, Italy, France, Spain, and Rest of Europe (RoE). Asia Pacific comprises cumulative market of laboratory loggers in China, India, Australia, New Zealand and rest of Asia Pacific (RoAPAC). Rest of the World (RoW) comprises laboratory loggers market in Latin America, Middle East and Russia.

Presently, Europe and North America are leading the global laboratory loggers market. Factors such as presence of large number of advanced clinical and research laboratories, advanced research infrastructure, and skilled laboratory personnel are driving the laboratory loggers market in North America and Europe. Countries in Asia Pacific are anticipated to show swift growth during the forecast period. China, Japan, India, and South Korea are the major countries in Asia Pacific which are growing speedily owing to rapidly developing medical tourism industry in these countries.

As a result, number of clinical laboratories is increasing leading to accentuate the demand for laboratory data loggers.  Moreover, Argentina, Mexico and Brazil are the countries in Rest of the World (RoW) region that are expected to show faster growth in this region.

Laboratory Data Loggers Market: Key Players

Some of the top players operating in the global laboratory loggers market include MadgeTech, Inc., Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., Testo India Pvt. Ltd., and Campbell Scientific Inc.