Middle East & Africa Super Plasticizers Market that is expected to reach USD 745.0 million by 2020

Superplasticizers are used in concrete mixtures to decrease water to cement ratio without affecting workability and avoiding particle aggregation in the mixture. In simple words, they enhance the quality of concrete mixtures while decreasing the use of water as compared to other admixtures.

The most common and largest application of superplasticizers is in ready mix concrete, which is widely used than any other type of concrete. In the construction industry, the quality of concrete mix is of utmost importance for high-end constructions.

Superplasticizers maintain the particle suspension in the concrete mix and decrease the water to cement ratio. This has resulted in the Middle East & Africa being a prominent market for superplasticizers, as most areas in the region have dry weather conditions.

Superplasticizers are available in liquids as well as powder forms; liquid forms are more commonly used that powder form, as liquid superplasticizers contain about 40.0% of active material and are easy to mix in the concrete.

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Chromatography is a separation technique of a mixture, done through the distribution of components between two phases, namely, the stationary phase and the mobile phase.

This technique has evolved over the years and has become a method of choice for analysis, identification, and purification of a wide variety of compounds.

Automation and advent of high precision techniques, such as HPLC and gas chromatography (GC) has resulted in a paradigm shift in chromatography methods with increasing demand for high purity solvents. These techniques are frequently recommended as the standard procedure for analysis of drugs in official compendiums and pharmacopoeias.

A chromatographic solvent is a mixture in which the sample is mixed and passed through a stationary phase for separation. The polarity of chromatographic solvents plays a crucial role in the separation process.

These solvents and reagents are required to have high quality and purity in order to achieve the desired degree of separation and purification of analytes.

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Japan leads the Asian market for chromatography solvents with a share of more than 30% amongst all countries in this region. China and India are amongst the fastest-growing markets in this region.

Japan’s growth rate is relatively low as compared to other countries as it is a mature market. The trend is expected to remain similar during the forecast period as well, resulting in similar market dominance by 2020.

Increasing incidences of lifestyle diseases, along with the aging population, has led to an increased demand of medication from pharmaceuticals & biotechnology sector. This has promoted the growth of chromatography solvents in these sectors.

Various governments in the countries of Asia are also promoting industrialization, which has attracted major pharmaceutical companies to open thein manufacturing and research & development units in this region. This trend has also led to an augmented demand for chromatography solvents.

On the other hand, increasing price of solvents and newer equipment with less solvent requirements may hinder the growth of Asian chromatography solvents market.

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