Gazon Synthètique 24 and the landscape artificial grass trend

Gazon Synthétique 24 is a German company that produces and sells top quality artificial grass for gardens, designer furniture and playgrounds. Extensive testing on its products guarantee quality and durability in all conditions of use.

With the arrival of summer and warm weather, the owners of terraces and gardens that perhaps also feature a swimming pool begin to unleash their creativity on how to decorate, transform or simply improve these areas. For several months these will become the places where you will really spend most of your time at home. These in fact are typically your favorite spots for having lunch and dinner in summer or for relaxing with a good book. These areas should not become an extra job, where you need to cut, prune, water, sow and even fertilize, thus turning your summer into a nightmare you’d rather forget.

The artificial grass of Gazon Synthétique is the solution. Since the dawn of the 60s, when it was invented and when, frankly, it looked more like wall-to-wall carpeting, up to today, the development has been extraordinary. Artificial grass today is indistinguishable from real grass. It is manufactured with non-toxic materials, it’s soft and very thick, and it’s really pleasant to walk on it barefoot. Those who haven’t tried it yet can’t imagine the level of technology and design that this product has reached.

Of course landscape grass doesn’t need to become an all-encompassing solution. There are many examples of landscape grass accompanying real grass, with a beautiful final result. The areas in a garden that are usually more worn out by foot traffic are the ones where artificial grass is ideal. Be careful, though. You must dedicate a lot of attention to the parts where natural grass is present, otherwise they’ll look bad next to the others and will thus become an impediment to creating a harmonious garden.

The success of Gazon Synthétique in outdoor home decor is also due to how it easy it is to maintain it and to the fact that you can avoid splashing through a muddy lawn if the weather hasn’t been very nice or if it has just rained.

We have all attended weddings ruined by bad weather, during which we ended up on drenched lawns, and had to throw our shoes out once we got back home. Or parties where we had to give up enjoying delicacies and dancing in the garden because the rain had made it impassable. In fact, because today’s artificial grass, especially the kind featuring long threads, is a drainage material that dries immediately, you just need a little heat, and not necessarily from the sun.

Today, a good artificial grass carpet is capable of draining over 180 mm of water per hour per square meter. This means you need very little time to be able to walk and keep your feet and shoes dry.
But there's more. This also means that if the day is hot you can get out the water hose, refresh your garden, wait a few minutes and start having all the parties and dinners you want.
Not bad.

But let’s shift from the fun department to the professional one. For professional reasons which can range from public service to jobs for which you need outdoor areas for receiving customers) many of us need areas that are always tidy and that look clean and well-kept – in one word, efficient.

Well, also in this case Gazon Synthétique is more than a solution – it’s a godsend. First of all because it transforms nondescript and perhaps a bit unkempt areas into a small green oasis. But mainly because it makes our guests/clients feel secure and confident. And the importance of this is not to be underestimated, because this is precisely what an area where we welcome our clients or, especially, potential clients, ought to do: instill confidence. And if these areas are left to themselves, the probability of losing customer loyalty will increase dramatically. So what else could you ask of artificial grass? It requires no maintenance and it always looks tidy, as if it’s just been "combed" – it will never disappoint you.

Some bars, or, as they’re more often called nowadays, lounge bars, have really revolutionized their open areas, offering tables and chairs resting softly on top of more or less sophisticated artificial grass surfaces. As a logical consequence, sales started showing completely different trends. Bars earn more because people are more willing to stay in a place decorated with shades of green that range from lime green to forest green, where you can feel your feet treading softly on a fluffy surface.

But artificial grass is not just green. Today’s soft and thick artificial grass is purple, orange, ivory, blue, red, black, light blue, yellow; even charcoal gray, of all colors – just imagine one and you’ll find it.

Exterior decorators have discovered it and are truly obsessed with it. You can find extra luxury hotels decorated with purple artificial grass and black furnishings, or a shining white environment where everything is the color of snow. Or, you can find hues reminding you of the Sahara in places also featuring mahogany furniture, to make the atmosphere a little retro.
More simply, you can also find workspaces dedicated to welcoming customers featuring soft and extremely professional charcoal gray artificial grass carpets.

Decor magazines are full of examples where artificial grass is used in the most unthinkable ways. A fan of the Netherlands’ national soccer team, right before the latest World Cup, covered the ground around his villa on the outskirts of Amsterdam with a beautiful orange artificial grass carpet, as a good luck charm for the final victory. Unfortunately for him they didn’t win, but the sight of this orange turf surrounding a house positioned by one of the city’s canals was amazing.

Artificial grass of Gazon Synthétique has really become so beautiful and adaptable that it allows you to go wild with the most daring decorations. So fire away.

Company: Gazon Synthètique 24