Global: Food Safety Testing Market –Research Report, By contaminants detection, Bytesting technology& By food types tested - Forecast to 2025

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The Market research future delivers a detailed analysis of 10 years forecast between 2015 and 2025 and it is expected thatGlobalFood Safety Testing market will register the CAGR of more than 7.2% during the forecast period.

Food Safety Testing is a technical method of performing development works, handling of products and storing the product to prevent food borne diseases. It is performed under the supervision of experts which continuously keep their eye on the going process. Food safety testing is done to maintain the quality of the food and to prevent the food from unwanted diseases which could happen in form of illness, toxicity or poisoning.

Going ahead and looking atmarket share, North America is said to be the largest market with market share of around 38% on the global scale and expected to grow with the CAGR of more than 7% in the forecasted period. Europe is contributing market share of more than 34% and known as 2nd largest market of Food safety testing followed by the Asia Pacific. Asia Pacific is the fastest growing market as compared to other part of globe and has registered the CAGR of more than 8% and said to register the CAGR of more than 9.5% in the forecasted period.

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The Global Food Safety market was estimated as $XXXX.X Mn in the year 2015 and projected to reach to $XXXX.X Mn by the year 2025. The main objective which is driving the market of Food Safety testing is desire for hunger which means opportunities for new companies in the segment of food industry. These companies are developing new products on daily basis which requires the testing before going to general people.

Pathogens is said to be the biggest food contaminant. Pathogens like, salmonella, E. coli and others are plays most important role in the food contamination. Year 2011 shows thatsalmonella was responsible of near 20,000 hospitalizations and near 400 causalities only in the U.S. due to food poising.Talking about the market share food safety testing by containment, it has been identified that Pathogens, captures more than XX% of market share followed by GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) which shares market share of XX% and Pesticides, Toxins and others.

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