For the Bud enthusiasts: What if you could get paid to buy your beer?

Being the big fans that they are at Tanager Beverages, the beer guys are pretty excited about this. So they wanted to make sure they shared this tip with all their friends. Anheuser-Busch has partnered with Ibotta so that you can get money back from your beer purchases.
If you haven't heard of this app, well it's time to come out from under the rock. According to Consumer Research Partners, Ibotta is the 16th most-frequently used mobile app in the United States.
So back to how you get paid... Anheuser-Busch has some great $ off beer programs for Bud, Bud Light and Ultra this year where people could instantly get $3 or $4 off. "It's a screaming deal," says Joe with Tanager. "There is also some restaurant and bar beer and food deals on Ibotta as well."
"Download the app and look for appropriate signage in accounts," he continues.