Aseptic Packaging - Process of Filling Sterile Products in Sterile Containers

Aseptic packaging can be defined as the procedure of filling sterile products in sterile containers or packages in a completely aseptic environment. These types of packaging are used for fruit juices, soups and broths and dairy products among others in order to save them from harmful microbial and other contamination. It is an updated packaging system accepted by manufacturers in order to increase their serve customers with fresh food and beverages and increase products shelf life. Such packaging results in the aseptic packaging market also enabled manufacturers to commercialize range products that cannot be provided through conventional packaging. Therefore, it helps them to improve their product portfolio. The biopharma, pharmaceutical and cosmeceuticals markets have conventionally been the suit of the global aseptic packaging market. In the pharmaceutical industry, it has played a major role. Drugs are sensitive products, and with a significant degree of susceptibility to micro organisms. Hence, drugs are supplied in aseptically packed ampoules and viral or other injectables, which decline their chances of being exposed to the environment and increase their shelf life. However, the food and beverage, dairy products and processed fruit industry has conventionally been the strong suit of the global aseptic packaging market. Aseptic packaging is used where the sterility of a product needs to be protected. In some cases, it keeps products sterile for up to two years and more.

Aseptic Packaging and its Market Info:

The global aseptic packaging market is expected to witness substantial growth during the forecast period, particularly due to ease of disposal. Development in the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries helped in gaining significance market for aseptic packaging. In food industry, demand for convenience food has played the major driver for the growth of the industry. Beverages have shows promising growth. This growth is increased by the shift of buyer from carbonated soft drinks to healthier drinks such as energy and sports drinks, fresh fruit juices and dairy beverages. However, beverages accounts for the largest share in global aseptic packaging market, followed by the pharmaceutical industries. The development of pre-filled syringes is building space for pharmaceutical packaging on aseptic technology.

Asia Pacific has experienced high growth in the forecast period followed by Europe and North America. The demand for aseptic packaging in Asia Pacific is primarily driven by rising disposal income, growing demand for dairy products, combined with the tropical climate here, has created a ground for the growth of the aseptic packaging market. The leading players in globally include Schott AG, Tetra Laval, Reynolds Group Holdings, Robert Bosch GmBH (Germany) and Greatview Aseptic Packaging Co Ltd.

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