Abba's House April, 2016 Newsletter

Does an ectopic pregnancy justify intentionally killing the baby? By Dr. Patrick Johnston 

"Oh, I agree with you that abor-tion's a bad thing," the cigarette puffing young man insisted across the Planned Parenthood fence. 

"Why did you take her in there then?" I inquired. "It's not too late. Go get her..." 

"But the abortion is necessary to save the mother's life." 

Nothing stumps a pro-lifer quicker than this. If killing the preborn baby is necessary to save the mother's life-it is argued-then the abortive rem-edy is unfortunate and regret-ful, but not murder. The scenar-io that seduces most pro-lifers to succumb to this fallacious argument is ectopic pregnancy. But what if it is not necessary to kill the ectopically implanted baby to save the mother's life? What is the mother and the baby can both be saved? 

The standard of care for ectopical pregnancies is "expectant management," or watchful waiting, since half of the embryos who implant in their mother's fallopian tubes perish on their own without medical intervention, and are resorbed. Nevertheless, in my experience, doctors are often stricter than this standard of care, aggressively intervening in ectopic pregnancies to kill the baby when, in reality, it is not necessary to kill the baby to save the mother's life. 

Why, then, would an obstetri-cian give a Christian patient advice so much more aggressive than the accepted standard of care? Why are doctor's so quick to kill? Although a disregard for the baby's right to life is a foundational error, I suspect they ultimately desire to avoid litigation.

The need for Hippocratic revival in medicine is now.

In Hippocrates' day, medicine was corrupt. Doctors got away with murder. Hippocrates established a new genre of physicians who would not commit abortions or euthanize. In time, patients preferred pro-life physicians, while doctors who killed lost business.

How desperately we need that today! Unless a doctor respects the right to life, how can we trust him on: 

  • Ectopic pregnancy care, when they are so quick to abort, even though it is not necessary to save the mother? 
  • Mandatory vaccinations, when some vaccinations are made using aborted fetal tissue? 
  • End-of-life care, when doctors think it is acceptable sometimes to kill an innocent person intentionally? 

 With the advent of government controlled healthcare, never has it been more necessary for us to identify and prefer pro-life physicians.

Let us be confident in our commitment to God's Word as the foundation for morality and justice, and not be seduced into straying from this sure foundation by medical scenarios awash in deceit. "Thou shalt not kill" can withstand the scrutiny of the sceptics. God created human beings in His image, and no one may intentionally kill another innocent person without incurring His wrath, a wrath which only repentance and/or justice can quench. Let us pray that more American physicians will respect the right to life of all pre-born children, and provide life saving alternatives to their patients. 

Hello Everyone, 

God is so good! He is always working things out for His glory. I love that when you say "yes" to the Lord, in accepting all that He gives and trust Him to see us through, miracles and blessings happen. I just received a call that we were awarded a grant from Heritage House for the Earn While You Learn program a curriculum that helps our clients in improving their lives while they earn points for new baby items. Hallelujah! 

Next, I would like to thank Lifeline Christian Church, Dave & Ruth Case and their wonderful youth group for donating their time and supplies for our new "Pass Thru Window" for the lobby and also for some more minor fixer upper stuff. What a blessing to see young lives give up their spring break to help out.

In closing, with the current economic downturn, we have seen many families needing basic supplies. Thank you to all of you who support this ministry with funding and prayers. It truly is wonderful to see God move and provide for His children.

We are very close to our banquet, if you have not gotten your ticket, please give us a call at 856-0999 or stop by. 

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Blessing to all, hope to see you at the banquet. 

Leilani Schrock