Memoir of a woman's journey to her healthiest, happiest self - As told by Tracy with Natural Health Solutions

We could tell this story for you but when we read Tracy's very own account of her weight loss journey, we knew we would lose the heartache and revelation that only she could capture in her own words. Below is her inspiring story and what she's learned along the way:
“I wish I was as fat as I was the first time I thought I was fat.” I read this meme a few years back and it was a huge Ah-Huh moment for me.
I remember looking at my very tall, thin, long legged, older Sister when I was about 13 and because I thought I was supposed to look like her, I saw myself as fat. Ever since, I have struggled to beat my body into submission with every quick fix fad diet that was the new miracle cure, lost weight with it, been unable to maintain it, regained the weight plus more and felt like a failure after.
I just knew I was the problem, I was the failure. So, I gave up and tried to convince myself that I was just going to be the “fat girl” and it was just the way life was. I wouldn't let it stop me from doing anything I wanted to do so it became a very uncomfortable comfort zone.
Last spring, Dr. Conard asked if I was ready to get back into the work force after being a full time ranch wife and mother for about a year. When he explained that he wanted me to lead a weight loss program in the clinic, I thought he had lost his ever loving mind! To ask the fat girl how to lose weight was like asking a homeless person how to be rich. When I finished laughing, he explained his theory.
I knew the struggle and stumbling blocks, very well, and I was well aware of what didn't work. With ClubReduce's proven program as a very manageable lifestyle and my ability to talk to anyone who will stand still long enough for me to engage, he believed not only could I FINALLY find the success I have craved for a very long time but I could share it with others.
Guess what? I have!! After losing a thousand pounds in my lifetime, 20 and 30 at a time, I have finally found a way to keep off 40 and happily live this way.
Here are a few of the things I have learned:
  • Your Healthy / Happy size has nothing to do with anyone else. Not society, family, friends or even the BMI chart. It is the size you feel strong, energized and are able to maintain without the mental fight over every bite you put in your mouth.
  • If what you are eating will not rot, it isn't food, with very few exceptions. No one would put dirty gasoline in their vehicle and expect it to run down the highway at 70 mph with no problems but we put crap in our bodies daily and expect it to run through life at top speed. We need to eat for health and vitality.
  • If we fail to plan, we plan to fail but life happens. We do the best we can and make the best decisions with what we have to work with today. Beating ourselves up only makes the problem worse. Decide, Deal and Do Better!
  • Self Care is NOT Selfish. There is no honor in running ourselves dry while taking care of the whole world. Filling up our own tank gives us the fuel to better care for those we adore. Schedule it in!
  • The people we surround ourselves with are a huge influence on how we view ourselves and the world. Pick your circle carefully.
  • Protein is our friend! Every meal should contain veggies, healthy protein and a good fat.
  • We should drink half of our body weight in ounces of water DAILY. Water helps every system in our body run more efficiently, including our metabolism.
  • Most importantly, our attitude is EVERYTHING. What we think, we believe. What we believe, we act on. How we act, creates our life. So, it's important to pay attention and listen to our self-talk. If you wouldn't stand and say it to your best friend or even a stranger, don't say it to yourself.
Be Well, My Friends, Tracy Givens
Tracy is the Wellness Coordinator of Club Reduce at Natural Health Solutions. She would be overjoyed to hear your story and help you reach your healthiest, happiest self. Tracy can be reached at 307-856-8181.
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