Kendrick Park: A deck over Goose Creek in 20 years?

(Sheridan, Wyo.) — Today is day three of the Kendrick Park Master Planning Process — a project the City of Sheridan is taking on that could span 20-30 years, but also could enhance one of the community's best assets.

On Tuesday, the city gathered a group of stakeholders to discuss traffic flow, activities, the ice cream stand, pathways and trails and the future of the elk and buffalo — and the 40% of park space not open to people those animals encompass — Mathers Heuck, operations manager for the city says.

Along with design firm Russell + Mills Studios, the city and local citizens worked Tuesday and Wednesday on future park plans, which were on display at the Kendrick Park Bandshell tonight (Thursday).

Twenty to 30 year enhancements include things like a deck-like structure over Goose Creek for patrons to enjoy ice cream, ADA compliant restrooms behind the bandshell and walking trails closer to the creek and existing hillside park areas.

In the near-term, Heuck said, the city would like to ease pedestrian-vehicle conflict by dedicating areas to each (instead of existing shared roadways). The plan would also create 90-degree parking areas along a single street within the park, which would increase parking from 142 to 203 spaces. The goal would be to bring the road against the hillside and consolidate biking and pedestrian access to the southern area of the park, near Goose Creek.

The plan is in its earliest stages, Russell + Mills representatives said, and will have to go through the city council and many public meetings — and then funds will have to be raised for implementation — before park changes are made.