At Backbone Media, Culture and Content Prevail

Not all PR and communications agencies are created equal. If they were, we're pretty sure you'd want yours to be like Backbone Media.

With offices in Carbondale and Denver, Colorado as well as Jackson, Wyoming, Backbone represents some of the world's best active lifestyle brands and destinations. Their team of PR pros has been using Pitchengine since 2008 when Founder Jason Kintzler made the up-and-coming firm beta testers of his new "social media PR software."

Since then, both Pitchengine and Backbone have grown by leaps and bounds, but all along, managed to maintain their positions as innovators in their respective industries. We think that's pretty cool, so we thought we'd provide some insight into Backbone and how they use your favorite publishing software on a daily basis. 

Backbone Media represents more than
a hundred brands — all with a common authenticity and unique fit with their culture. 

"Backbone is one of those places where everyone wears their culture on their technical jacket sleeves," explained Kintzler. "It's not often you find a group of that size that seems to have grown up together with the same DNA."

And, it's Backbone's DNA that helped earn the firm the title of "Best Places to Work" by Outside Magazine who described them as, "a tight-knit group of hard-charging skiers, climbers, cyclists, runners, and boaters who, perhaps because of their love for the adventure, are passionate about representing the best outdoor brands in the active-lifestyle realm."

So why does Backbone use Pitchengine? 

"Fundamentally, Pitchengine is a platform for us to share client news in a more interactive, engaging format. Rather than building news releases just for the media, we’re often crafting brand stories to reach a much broader consumer audience," explained Ian Anderson, Public Relations Director for Backbone Media.

"We post almost all of our clients’ news releases on PitchEngine, he said, "On many occasions, the content we post on Pitchengine goes viral, drawing views from both the media and the much larger consumer market. Often that content is repurposed and then shared on hundreds of blogs and online news sites."

Anderson remembers life before Pitchengine, "We used to send out press releases as email attachments. In today’s new media market, Pitchengine is a tool that delivers a more compelling, interactive experience for users, helping us to tell our clients’ stories more effectively and more broadly," he explained.

Backbone has an Agency Account on Pitchengine with more than 100 individual brands like Eddie Bauer, YETI Coolers and Black Diamond. Each account rep can login and manage individual client's accounts and systematically feed the platform on a daily basis. 

Check out Backbone Media's Agency Newsroom and some of their brands like Black Diamond and YETI Coolers.