How To Do Keyword Research-In Depth Guide of Keyword Research

When we think about SEO, the main thing which comes to our mind is search engines. That is because each and everything is dependent on it. Implicit to search engines is words or content.

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Once you master the content strategy or the art of searching words, you have won half the battle. This can be simply called the key to success. You need to find such words which are trending in the market.

Keywords are nothing but a synonym to problems. This is because the end user is searching for a answer or a solution, otherwise a product or some information related to it.

Once you know what the visitors are looking for or searching for, you get acquainted with the market conditions and its flow. This way you can work out a solution for it. You can give answers to their queries. CRB Tech through the medium of this blog will guide you to find golden keywords through the Juggernaut Method. This method is very easy and just like learning basic English. So lets proceed with the same.


The first step in this method is to understand your web-pages or website in an in and out manner. It should be a crystal clear view of the same. If you do not have an idea, then you are doomed. It would affect your business really badly. Do not go about just blindly searching for the keyword. This is the base or the platform of your business. The basic requirement is to understand the kind of your website. You should know in which domain your website falls into. Once you are able to do this, then you are done with the primary level or the first stage of keyword research.

  1. Enlist the Ideas for Keywords:

At this stage of keyword research, one should jot down the ideas, main points and related things that are directly concerned with your business website. Take efforts to find out what the market is looking for or searching for. You need to think from the perspective and mindset of the market. E.g. If it is a computer related website, then you can search for keywords like these:

  • best motherboard for gaming

  • how does a CPU work

  • best 24 inch monitor

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Now the question arises, how to go about finding such ideas? For guiding you to get such ideas, there are a number of keyword suggestion tools that are available on the web. Google’s keyword planner tool which is available free of cost is recommended. It is user friendly and provides with all you want at one place. The funda is easy. Write query in search box and suggestions would appear with the count of searches.

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2. Long Tail Keywords:

A general and common keyword has a very high competition usually. These have many searches in a month, this results into a high competition level. E.g. shoes is one such keyword. You cannot predict what people are looking for when the type shoes in the search engine. It can be images or information about the brands available etc.

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The key lies in long-tail keywords. They are nothing but streamlined and specific keywords with a large number of searches in the market. An ideal example of a long tailed keyword is how to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks”. Simply speaking, it is a clubbing of 3 or more than 3 words. The advantage of using such keywords is that there is low competition and a large volume of searchers.

3. Criteria for a Good Keyword:

Here we will talk about what it takes to form a good keyword? The two primary things are how many people have searched for it? And the suggested bid by the keyword planner. e.g. if a word has 12,100 searches, then that’s brilliant.

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We have seen a few important techniques related to keyword search over here. There are many more to explore. So, go ahead and look for those as well.