Deanna C. has just released another inspiring video about healing symptoms of underactive thyroid in women

Deanna C. has just released another inspiring video about healing symptoms of underactive thyroid in women

Deanna is the president and founder of Hypothyroidism Stories Inc., a company created to inspire women with hypothyroidism that there is hope and a chance for a better life without struggle.

Deanna started a YouTube Channel and so far she has released a few dozen success stories, all from women who managed to cure their hypothyroidism or at least who managed to live a normal life and have their symptoms of underactive thyroid not show.

Their channel can be found in here and all women who have hypothyroidism can subscribe to learn more on curing this disease.

In her last video, Deanna shares a very interesting story of one of her friends, Lisa, who found an interesting natural treatment for hypothyroidism while she was on a trip to Peru. And after she has changed her lifestyle according to the new discovery she made, all her underactive thyroid symptoms stopped showing.

The reason why this video is truly a must watch for all women with hypothyroidism, is the fact that Lisa has released a new book about her illness, a book that became Amazon best seller and all of them, can read part of the book as a gift from Deanna and Lisa.

Their YouTube video can be watched in this link and everything can be downloaded for free in the link from the beginning of the description.

One of the reasons why Lisa has decided to start investigating for a solution for hypothyroidism and go to Peru, was the fact that every single night she used to wake up to go to pee, and most of the times she couldn’t fall back asleep.

On top of her being without energy because of her hypothyroidism condition, she also had problems falling back asleep, and after a few weeks in which she slept on average 3-4 hours a night, she collapsed.

That was the moment she decided that a life like that was not worth living, so she started her journey. Her ebook is truly an inspiring story and how she became hypothyroidism free in just a few weeks.

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Hypothyroidism Stories is a company dedicated to helping people with hypothyroidism, and Deanna, the founder is set to share as many success stories as possible.

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