Make your website unique with Eduonix’s new WordPress Theme course

Eduonix, a leading online learning company, releases a new unique course on WordPress Themes.

WordPress has revolutionized the way websites are created. It has taken the long hours of tedious coding and now allows users to create websites by simply selecting and unselecting the items that they want on their website.

However, now the focus has shifted from creating websites to creating the best website that will shine among its competitors. This where themes play a huge part, they determine how your website will look, the color scheme and even the layout. 

This is even harder for developers, who understand the under the hood of a website, but don’t realize that they can create a complete website by simply combining their coding skills with the different WordPress functions that are available.

Developers with even the basics of PHP, HTML 5 and CSS can create some pretty interesting themes that can help them differentiate their website from the many different pre-set themes available online. 

Our WordPress Theme Course is aiming to do just that. It focuses on a project-based learning method that allows students to learn while doing. They will learn how to build actual WordPress themes from scratch. 

No boring theoretical lectures, but rather action-packed tutorials that will show students how to get started on creating their very own Themes to help them design websites that stand out among the sea of other websites.

From creating a basic theme to a complex one, students will learn different WordPress functions such as PostLoop, Hook/Actions, Widgets, WP_Query, Theme Customizer API, and even WordPress Frameworks such as Bootstrap, Foundation, Ink, Gridism and W3. 

Director Sushant Das said, “WordPress is a great way to simplify the process of creating a website and with this course, you will also learn how to shy away from the simple given themes and create your own unique ones. We want our students to be able to design websites that are master pieces and this course is perfect to help you learn how to do that.”

The course contains over 16 hours of content broken down into short videos, making each video perfect for one sitting. The course will not only cover the theoretical aspects of WordPress Themes, but will also show you step by step how to build ten themes from scratch.

Like all Eduonix courses, this PHP course also comes with a certification upon completion and with a 30-day money back guarantee. All purchased Eduonix courses come with a life-time warranty that includes any modifications and additions made to the course any time in the future without additional pay.

About Eduonix: 

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