Easy screenshot sharing and code sharing website makes life easier for developers

Ovoli, a website that allows users to share screenshots with ease has launched and is looking to make screenshot sharing as easy as copy and paste. Users of Ovoli do not need to download anything, they just need to know how to take a screenshot and paste it into the website. 

It’s target audience is developers and designers who are looking to share their work or instructions with their clients but Ovoli can be used by anyone who just wants to share information.

Apart from sharing screenshots, Ovoli also has the ability to share image files and codes. Developers know the difficulty of sharing bits of code with other developers or designers and it often requires the creation of a file which is then shared by email or uploaded to a third party site but with Ovoli, it’s just copy and paste. 

Once users paste the content into Ovoli they obtain a unique URL which they can share.

“If you have been frustrated with sharing code, image files or screenshots you would know how amazing this web application really is. It just makes our lives easier and clients love to see fast and easy to view information. - said by the Founder of Ovoli “.

Ovoli is a free service and is planning on launching a premium version which will allow users to brand their shared content with their own logo, remove the ads and have an unlimited amount of storage.

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