Social Media Strategy for the Fitness Industry

Social Media strategies should never be one-size-fits-all, but all too often our budget stretches our time, resources, and abilities to execute a well-thought out plan. Our business and our customers demand our day-to-day focus, and our social presence often gets shuffled over to the back burner. It doesn’t matter if you have a social strategy, you’ve never started a Facebook page, there’s probably some element that rings true when we say that your social media strategy has fallen flat, or just downright extinct.

Because we don’t believe in a lock and key social strategy, because we believe that your industry, the fitness industry, deserves its own strategy, and because we think your business can find a home (a successful one) on social media, we’ve created something we like to call the Social Media Fit Kit.

This kit revolutionizes the way your gym, fitness club, or personal training business views social media. It changes how you manage it, how you promote it, how you leverage it, and ultimately (and most importantly) how you measure your success. Don’t pay thousands of dollars to outsource your strategy, don’t waste your time launching, relaunching, and re-relaunching your social presence, and get real, practical information about how to guide your presence for your fitness club to success.

Skeptical? Good. Challenge us, and yourself, by downloading our Establishing Your Social Media Goals kit first for free. Once you’ve dedicated yourself to making something of your social presence, purchase our Social Media Fit Kit for $249. (Savings of $500)

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