These fittings make Airwheel S5 2-wheeled personal transportation Electric bike outstanding

Airwheel S5 was regarded as a modified version of S3 and positioned it as the personal all-terrain vehicle. There are some considerate fittings on S5 makes it stand out from other models. The first fitting is the wing on Airwheel S5. Airwheel S5 is capable of negotiating on tough terrains like muddy paths and craggy paths. On muddy paths, the muddy water is easy to splash over the main body of Airwheel S5 double-wheels electric scooter and may permeate through the shell of S5 and thereby does harm to its inner component parts, which will cause the decrease in performance and even mechanical breakdown. The fenders mounted on S5 protect and frame its wheels and keep mud from splashing it.

Airwheel S5 is transformed into the foldable shaft-equipped scooter. Even though Airwheel S5 is equipped with 16 inch large wheels and 680wh of electricity battery, it can be stored into the car trunk easily. As we know, the Airwheel electric unicycles boast their portability and ease to store, notably because of their conveniently small size. Now, S5 2-wheeled electric scooter is proud of its foldable shaft design. The owner could fold its shaft to scale the volume of the body to conveniently put it into the boot.

Out of safety, Airwheel S5 is outfitted with two headlights on its two sides for ride at night. On the poorly illuminative path, ride is rather potentially dangerous. In order to guarantee the safety of the rider, Airwheel installed two headlights on its two sides for intensifying the illumination. In combination with the multiple protections including speed limit protection, low battery protection, tilting protection, battery protection and voice alert, Airwheel S5 two wheel self-balancing electric scooter safeguards your every riding.

What’s more, Airwheel S5 is waterproof and dustproof and can be ridden in the drizzle. All in all, considerate fittings on S5 make it stand out from other models.

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