Mayor Peduto: ‘Mercer Satellite Center helps residents not just to survive, but to thrive’

Nonprofit equips residents with resources to help them help themselves

After its first year of service, The Mercer Street Satellite Center has strengthened the community during Pennsylvania’s economic crisis. CommunicAID provides these residents with shelter, food service, job training and education programs in a part of town where residents need these resources most. The Mercer Center resides in an area of Pittsburgh hit hard with economic depravity and strengthens Pittsburgh by bringing together both those in need and those striving to help. Current progress includes:

·      ·  The Mercer Center served 20,000 residents in its first year

·     ·   75 percent of students using our literacy program graduated to the next grade, compared to 50 percent of students who did not use our services

·     ·   Under a grant from the Pennsylvania Housing Authority, Homes For All recently constructed a 12-block apartment in January for displaced residents

·      ·  The Key Club at Pittsburgh Regional High School has created a food drive donating its resources to the Mercer Center Food Bank 

While providing basic necessities like food and shelter helped address basic needs to survive, our education and job training programs equip the community with the tools to thrive self-sufficiently. CommunicAID employees, residents and even state lawmakers are astounded with the Mercer Center’s rapid beneficial impact stating:

·      “CommunicAID’s past success sparked our Mercer Street Satellite venture and now we are reaching out to Mercer residents in need of our services who could not obtain them before.” -Suzanne J. McGrath, President of CommunicAID

·      “I live with my mom who works two part time jobs, so the Mercer Center always has been a second home for me” - Kelsey Adams, a 17-year-old Mercer resident

·      “They have succeeded in providing residents the tools not just to survive, but to thrive!” -Mayor Tom Peduto

Brand Profile

CommunicAID was founded in 1994, by group of citizens who were concerned with the rising number of homeless and the lack of services to assist them. CommunicAID dedicates its services, time, and energy to help the poor and homeless in the Pittsburgh area. Our nonprofit focuses on serving the people of Pittsburgh through our three C’s: caring, creativity and commitment. For more information, “like” CommunicAID on Facebook, follow @CommunicAIDUMD or visit our website CommunicAID open its doors from from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Saturday at 577 West St., Pittsburgh PA 15233. To get in touch with our organization, email

Journalists interested in learning more regarding our Mercer Street Satellite Center are invited to contact President Suzanna McGrath, (978-444-0001).


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Photo Captions:

·      Built by Homes for All, the freshly built apartments provide affordable homes for Mercer residents displaced during this economic Crisis. Photo by ____

·      Kelsey Adams, a 17-year-old resident, boosted her GPA by .5 points by using our Literacy Program. Photo by ____