New Online Free Billing Program Launched – Uses Safe And Efficient Program For Hungarian Customers uses Szamlazo program, a billing software that eases bills payment and bills services online for customers.

 July 10, 2016. Announcing the launch of a new online billing site for Hungarian customers: This is a free billing program that will use the Szamlazo program that works with all kinds of industries and businesses. developers would like to streamline their services to customers that need an efficient billing program. Billingo is available exclusively through its official site

 New business owners and entrepreneurs look for cost-efficient and effective business strategies, tools and programs while ensuring the safety and security of their customers and clients. Using a reliable and free online billing program will help reduce cost while maintaining quality of service to customers.

 With Billingo, business owners can focus on more important aspects of their business such as product development, customer service and marketing. It will keep billing easy and efficient since it works together with other business systems. also helps businesses commit to a greener and cleaner environment by reducing the use of paper billing systems.

 More information about and the Szamlazo billing program are available at Billingo’s official site. Customers may also email their questions at


 About Billingo is a new billing program offered for free online. It is a program that uses efficient and safe Szamlazo program that fits most businesses and industries. Creators of Billingo aims to introduce a billing software that will be integrated in a business management system to streamline business functions in a more effective and cost-efficient manner. More information about is available at Billingo’s official site and by emailing their questions at