Syoptek International Offering Loads of Customization Options for Fiber Optic Tool Kit Buyers


Shenzhen, China - Syoptek International, a reputable manufacturer of fiber optic tools and fiber optic tool kits, recently announced that their buyers can choose from the disparate range of fiber optic tools to make their own fiber optic tool kits. The owners said that the custom tool kits have surpassed their standard fiber optic tool kits in popularity. They underlined that a custom fiber optic tool kit also comes with a heavy-duty carrying case, which is another reason why these kits are now selling better than the standard kits.

“A custom tool kit may also bear the logo or label of any independent professional or organization ordering it. Buyers can just visit our website and choose from a wide variety of fiber optic tools. Also, rapid replacement of fiber optic tools is also an option for the prospective buyers to explore”, said a sales executive managing offshore sales in North America for the China based manufacturing and supplying company.

The sales executive also said that they now offer four different types of fiber optic cleaning kits. “A CK-003 series fiber optic cleaning kit, for example, shares many features with the TK-003 and FIP-800-D series tool kits, but is unique in its own way”, the executive told the press. Like fiber optic tool kits, buyers of cleaning kits also have the option to choose from a variety of tools”, the executive added.

In the case of fiber optic tool kits, however, customers can enjoy a greater liberty as they can also select from the range of carrying cases displayed on the website of Syoptek. They can also convey their preferences and choose from the different storage options.

The CEO of Syoptek International delivered a brief speech at a recent press conference. “Whether it’s about a tool kit or a fiber termination kit , we always like to provide our buyers with greater customization options. We know that there are field technicians who are trying to establish their brand identity in the highly competitive fiber optic communications industry. The fiber optic tools that we provide and the custom tool kits that we are offering now are all aimed at helping field technicians in a better way”, he said during the press event.

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