"Look" - The Compelling Song about Domestic Violence

Los Angeles, CA - June 10, 2016 -- Following the April release of her emotionally-charged single which illuminates the lasting effects of domestic violence, fifteen-year-old philanthropist and Ambassador for NO MORE, Nina Paolicelli is touching people’s hearts worldwide with her song "Look".

Reflecting on alarming childhood accounts of domestic abuse that she witnessed as a young girl, Nina Paolicelli’s story has helped others to find the courage to express themselves and to stand against the violence.

SAVE THE DATE: The official music video for "Look" will premiere on Vevo on Friday, June 17th. Listen to "Look" here

An excerpt of a gentleman expressing his gratitude to Nina upon hearing her song:

"The first time I heard Look I couldn't do anything but sit there for a second. My thoughts were immediately sent back to hearing my mother and father scream at each other then of course to hearing the beatings that always followed not just by my dad but at times my mom also.

It brought me to thinking of that young boy sitting in my room crying or at times running in and trying to get them to stop. Nina's song touched me so deeply in such a positive way.

Nina brought not just Domestic Violence to the forefront but also the impact of what happens to the children. With me and my brothers it caused us to use drugs to try and suppress the feelings that were overwhelming. It brought me on such a roller coaster ride that I wanted to end my life, which I thankfully failed to do. But, that is not the person that I am now.

Every day that I listen to Nina's song, I hug my boys a little tighter, I add that 1 more I LOVE YOU and no matter how tired I am after working 14 hours or more, I laugh and play with them a little longer. I show them how much I love their mother every day.

From the bottom of my heart Nina, I thank you for not just giving us LOOK but for being brave, honest and that role model that society needs. You have given hope, faith and more importantly a role model my sons could look up to.

From the bottom of my heart......Thank you."

- Gentleman from Pennsylvania

About Nina Paolicelli

Nina Rose Paolicelli known professionally as Nina Paolicelli or as "Nina P", is an American singer, songwriter and philanthropist, originally from Rochester, NY. In 2013, in the wake of an abusive relationship, Nina’s mother moved both Nina and her brother to Los Angeles, where Nina was able to pursue her dream of becoming a singer. Within two years of moving to Los Angeles, Nina released her first EP "Dream", has performed at numerous venues and, most recently, has signed a distribution deal with a label under Sony Music Entertainment.