Parkway Display Products Limited Aiming to Become the Most Trustworthy China Acrylic Display Suppliers


Hong Kong, China - Parkway Display Products Limited, a custom display box prototyping and fabrication company that began its journey in 2009, recently announced that they are resolute in reaching the top of the China acrylic display suppliers industry through special emphasis on customer relationship, quality and wholesale pricing policies. On behalf of the company, a press statement was issued only recently, stating the unique challenges and the proposed plans taken unanimously to overcome these challenges at the last board meeting of the company.

At present, Parkway Display Products Limited is a privately held company engaged in manufacturing, in-house prototyping, designing and fabrication of acrylic sign holders, acrylic LED display, acrylic display boxes , stands, acrylic cosmetic display and similar products. The company has its manufacturing facility in Wanchai, Hong Kong.

The owners said that they will adopt a more aggressive pricing policy, coupled with improved technical support for domestic and overseas customers and more emphasis on customization this year to ensure customer satisfaction. They said that customer retention rate dropped by a small margin in the last quarter of 2015 and they are now trying to take the company to the top of the industry through strategic planning.

“Many of our buyers do not know that we use a variety of materials in our acrylic display boxes, including ABS, polycarbonates, non-glare acrylic, acrylite plus and many such materials that are specifically made for this industry, and the product niche we belong to. Our immediate objective is to let the world know about the different varieties of materials we use and the quality standards that we follow”, said Sophie Lee, media manager and spokesperson of Parkway Display Products Limited.

“We use a variety of advanced machines and equipment in our factory and these machines are used for high precision laser cutting, polishing, raw material cutting, printing and the other standardized procedures that we follow. We think we can combine our technical advantage with great support service and competitive pricing to become the most trustworthy acrylic display stands manufacturing and supplying industry”, added Sophie.

About the Company

Parkway Display Products Limited is a reputable acrylic display supplier from China.

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