5 Simple Steps to a Dream Bathroom

Your bathroom is a place you likely spend a lot of time in without even thinking about it. Imagine how long those soaks in the tub last, for example. It’s also the first room you see upon leaving your bedroom in the morning. Get the day off to a great start by giving yourself the bathroom you deserve.

This guide is here to provide you with five simple steps to achieve your dream bathroom.

1. Choose the Right Theme

To begin with, you have to choose a theme and then you have to be able to stick to it. This doesn’t have to be overly specific like ‘the sea’. You can go for something subtler. It could be as simple as a desired color scheme, or even just how you want to feel about the bathroom. Do you want to be energized, or relaxed, or even both?

The best themes for the bathroom are those that make you want to relax. In this case, you would then decide whether you want something traditional and classy or a more contemporary look.

Keep this theme in mind as you move through the next steps.

2. Accessories Make All the Difference

It’s the finishing touches that really make the bathroom work. Accessories include the towels, the lighting, and the shower curtain. These may be the practical things, but there are decorative items that can make the world of difference.
Vases and artwork can give your bathroom that little bit more to make it stand out from all other rooms in the house. You can be as expensive or as inexpensive as you like with this. Companies like Bella Bathrooms tend to offer both low-end and high-end finishing touches for new bathrooms.

Finally, less really is more when it comes to accessories. Try not to think too much about this otherwise you could end up cluttering up your bathroom.

3. Keep Supply Levels High

The supplies in your bathroom make your bathroom into a working bathroom. But this includes more than simply toilet paper and toothpaste. These make your bathroom a more desirable place to spend your time in.
Fill some baskets with things like bath salts, soaps, and different models of amazing electric toothbrush. Make your bathroom into a one-of-a-kind spa experience.

Here’s a smart trick to do this affordably. Opt for sample-size products. They give you the variety without the need to blow your budget.

4. Consider Remodeling Your Bathroom

If you really want to alter your bathroom for the better, you may want to consider completely remodeling it. Identify what you hate about your current bathroom before you begin stripping everything out. Think about ways in which you can address this.

Only then should you begin the remodeling process. You should bring in a professional or search for a real estate agent for any big projects. It’s not easy to redo the tiles and add new countertops. Furthermore, it tends to be less time consuming if you bring in someone who actually knows what they are doing.

5. Have Ambition

Some people think that you shouldn’t go big with their bathroom. This is entirely wrong. If you want the bathroom of your dreams, you have to be willing to bring out the big guns. It may be expensive and it may take longer to achieve, but you’ll be happier for it.
Don’t be afraid to add luxuries to your bathroom. Remember that it’s not just you who will benefit from it. Any guests you have in your home will be wowed when they see what you’ve done with the place.

Last Word

But taking your bathroom from the ordinary to the spectacular requires planning. Take a look at the bathrooms you see on TV lifestyle shows. Many of them may be out of your price range, but the principles that make them work stay the same. It’s a good idea to look at what people already have before you make any final decisions.
Try not to stick to the trends. Trends go out of fashion in a matter of months. It’s a good idea to create a bathroom that will still look good five years from now, particularly if you are taking the decision to remodel.

How will you begin creating your dream bathroom today?