Shenzhen Xinyetong Technology Co. Ltd produces high quality RFID cards and other RFID products

11/07/2016 - Guangdong Province, China - Shenzhen Xinyetong Technology Co. Ltd produces high quality RFID cards and other RFID products


Shenzhen Xinyetong Technology Co. Ltd is happy to announce to their clients that they supply high quality radio frequency identification (RFID) products including RFID Cards, RFID Wristbands, RFID Tags NFC Stickers, etc.  RFID technology incorporates the use of electrostatic or electromagnetic coupling in the radio frequency (RF) range to uniquely identify a person, an animal, or an object. RFID technology is also used in many applications such as using a card to access a room or building, a key to start a car, validating a bus and using ski lifts or in underground ticketing.


The company produces smart RFID Wristbands that are suited for vocal concerts, events, festivals, entrance tickets, campaigns, parties, etc. They operate in varying frequencies. Low frequency RFID Wristbands have about 5cm reading/writing distance, small memory and find much application in parking systems and animal tracking. High frequency bands have about 10cm reading/writing distance, big memory and are widely applied in various fields. There are also the UHF RFID Wristbands with reading/writing distance of up 10m. They are very sensitive and are easily affected by temperature, dust and humidity.


Those who are interested in producing control, vehicle fees, security, inventory tracking, supply chain management, asset management, identification, and access control, and especially on pets can go for their RFID Cards. Just like RFID Wristbands, these cards also operate in varying frequencies. The cards have adequate security and their contents can not easily be forged and altered. This is necessary because they carry electronic information. In printing RFID Cards for the company has invested in the latest techniques to meet and even surpass customers' expectations in terms of speed of service, flexibility and quality.  The company offers the full range of print solutions done in-house from design to delivery.


The RFID Tags that the company produces include RFID Labels and Logistic RFID Tags. The former are specially designed to control every single process and to track every single package. UHF RFID Tags are best to control vehicles that come and go. There are also RFID Tags for all automobiles including trains subways, buses, etc.


Shenzhen Xinyetong Technology Co. Ltd also produces NFC Stickers which has the advantages of high security and fully utilizes the NFC technology. An NFC sticker has a reading range of 2 – 5 cm depending on the power reader and the size of the antenna. These stickers are used in Social media, Retail, Healthcare, Gaming, Consumer Electronics, Advertising, etc.


About Shenzhen Xinyetong Technology Co. Ltd

Shenzhen Xinyetong Technology Co. Ltd was established in 2008. Run by a team of well trained engineers, the company has been producing Inkjet Cards, Smart Cards, RFID Wristbands, NFC Tags/Labels, RFID Tags/Labels, etc. The engineers have been researching NFC technology since 2011. They use modern machines including Die-cutting Machines, Heidelberg Printers, and Flip Machines. Their Business Partners are all over the world. And their main markets include Central America, Africa, Southeast Asia, North America, South America, Southern Europe, Western Europe, Oceania, Mid East, etc.


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