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While Gmail fax service and emailing using their Google Mail client is nothing new for many business and personal users, puts a raw spin into the whole idea of virtual faxing by explaining how to integrate online faxing into Gmail, one of the primary products of Google Corporation. The company has successfully showed how to eliminate the need for dedicated fax lines that used to be commonplace in offices and home offices during the last two or more decades.

The owners of Gmail Fax Pro said that they have reviewed the top Gmail Fax number providers such as eFax, MyFax and RingCentral Fax and the users of their website are free to choose from these providers.

“People who do not want to keep their current fax number can also switch to Gmail fax using the number porting services. This is especially beneficial for businesses that want to take the giant leap towards virtual faxing, which is undoubtedly the new world order in the world of faxing and business communication overall”, said one of the top executives of the Google Fax Number provider.

The executive also told the press that Gmail faxing comes along with a host of benefits that include mobile faxing, fax scheduling, doing electronic signatures, cloud faxing plus a lot more. He stressed on the fact that Gmail faxing is increasingly being used by independent professionals, small and mid-sized businesses the world over as it brings along with a host of enterprise benefits.

“From linking your number of multiple Gmail addresses to getting detailed fax reports to sending faxes to multiple recipients, a world of business benefits awaits the users who are leaving old school faxing for a refreshingly new way of faxing also referred as Gmail Faxing these days”, added the top executive of Gmail Fax Pro through Gmail Fax Pro Facebook Page at . “People should take the jump right now to enjoy the convenience and added benefits that come along”, he added.

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