Pro Desks Supports Rebuilding Efforts In Fort McMurray with Price Reduction On All Mobile Desk Systems

Pro Desks announced today that it would offer a 10% reduction in price on every desk they carry on the website that is going to be utilized in any way in rebuilding Fort McMurray and surrounding areas.

Pro Desks Founder Merv Carlson had this to say: “I feel for all the families up in Fort McMurray who have just began going through a long haul rebuilding from this fire. Many have lost everything. We had a major fire all around our location last year, we drive past burned out homes and know the devastation fire can cause. We were lucky last year our property was spared. I started out in the oil business back in the late 70’s in Alberta, spent a good portion of my life working the oil exploration business in Alberta and around North America. We moved from Alberta to our current location in BC a couple years ago. We want to help out, I understand it’s not much but every little bit we can all do will help.”

Pro Desks is currently offering a 10% coupon on any desk that is purchased from today till end of July 2016 that is even remotely going to be used to rebuild McMurray. This can be gas companies, electrical, contractors in housing development, carpenters, roofers, landscaping, insurance appraisal and any other area.

Bottom line is this, if the use of the desk has anything to do with rebuilding and assisting that city and area get rebuilt, we will offer the coupon.

The mobile desks offered by Canada’s leading mobile desk firm, Pro Desks can dramatically enhance production on remote job site locations like Fort McMurray. Contractors are going to be using their pickups as a mobile office and the desks make using computers and tablets way easier. The situation in the devastated city is one where a lot has to happen in a short time. Maximizing productive time is going to be critical to getting as much accomplished as possible. The mobile computing solutions by Pro Desks can assist in that regard.

An email to me, Merv Carlson, President of Pro Desks is all it will take to get the discount coupon. This coupon is wide open to any individual, corporation, government, if it’s to assist in rebuilding, it counts.

About Pro Desks:

Pro Desks has supplied EMS, Fire and Rescue, Military Operations and of course, the Oil and Gas industry with innovative solutions to mobile computing for a decade. We are proud to be a small part of the rebuilding process and lend what support we can.

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