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You would be elated after reading this blog from CRB Tech reviews; as we are going to acquaint you with 20 sure shot ways to get traffic from social bookmarking sites. Go ahead and enjoy your SEO.

  1. Content quality matters:

Be that as it may, the initial paragraph is not all that matters. Going further along the chain of drawing (and holding) users’ attention, we achieve the Content is King Level. In the event that your articles are simply junk, bookmarking them is futile. You may cheat the visitors once, however don’t depend on continuous visits. Besides, you can get your site banned from social bookmarking websites, when you tenaciously post garbage content.

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  1. Create a top profile:

Not all visitors are equivalent on social bookmarking sites. On the off chance that you are an old and reputed visitor who has posted huge amounts of fascinating stuff, this expands the likelihood that what you submit will get noticed. Presenting links to fascinating articles on different sites is fundamental for building a top-profile. Furthermore, it is suspicious, when your profile has connections to one and only site. Numerous social bookmarking destinations grimace when clients present their own particular substance since this feels like self-promotion.

  1. Submit in English:

Language diversity is incredible, however the larger part of visitors are from English-speaking nations and they don’t comprehend varied dialects. Thus, for the vast majority of the social bookmarking sites submitting anything in a language not the same as English is not recommendable. The dialects that are at a particular drawback are Chinese, Arabic, Slavic dialects and the various that utilize non-latin character set. German, Spanish, French are more reasonable yet at the same time they are not English. In the event that you truly should present your story (i.e. since you require the backlink), incorporate an English interpretation at any rate, of the title. Be that as it may, the most ideal approach with non-English stories is to post them on where they have a place.

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  1. Clear the Facts:

You should be complimented that visitors read your postings however you will barely be complimented when users demonstrate that you lack the right facts. Notwithstanding snide remarks, you may likewise get negative votes in favor of your story, so in the event that you need to dodge this, check your facts – or your perusers will do it.

  1. Verify Spellings:

Some bookmarking sites don’t permit editing of posts at a later stage. So, if you make a spelling mistake in the URL, keyword etc., it would last forever. Check your spellings thoroughly.

  1. Have Relevant Articles:

Traffic masters joke that traffic from social bookmarking sites resemble an attack – the visitors pour in and in a day or two they are no more. Shockingly this is genuine – after your posting moves from the front page (gave that you achieved the front page), the drop in traffic is impressive. In addition, numerous users come simply taking after the link to your article, observe it and afterward they are no more. One of the approaches to keep them longer on your site is to have links to Related Articles/Popular Articles or something comparative that can attract their regard for other stuff on the site and make them read more than one article.

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  1. Avoid Usage of Automated Submitters:

After some duration of dynamic social bookmarking, you will find that you are investing an excessive amount of time posting links. Yes, this is a ton of time and utilizing automated submitters may resemble the solution however it isn’t. Computerized submitters frequently have malware in them or are utilized for taking passwords, so unless you couldn’t care less about the destiny of your profile and wouldn’t fret being banned, mechanized submitters are not the right approach.

  1. Respond to Comments:

Social bookmarking sites are not a newsgroup but rather fascinating articles can trigger a really hot talk with many remarks. On the off chance that your article gets remarks or comments, you should be glad. Continuously react to comments on your stories and – post comments on different stories you find intriguing. This is an approach to make companions and to make a top-profile.

  1. Host a Great First Paragraph:

This is a rule that is constantly valid however for fruitful social bookmarking it is much more critical. On the off chance that you have effectively passed Level 1 (headlines) and Level 2 (description) in the Catch the User’s Attraction game, don’t give an awful first para a chance to make them leave your site.

  1. Headlines are Critical:

Numerous incredible articles go unnoticed on social bookmarking sites in light of the fact that their headline is not sufficiently appealing. Your headline is the first (and all the time the main) thing viewers will see from your article, so in the event that you don’t try to give an infectious headline, your odds of getting to the front page are little.

Here are a few samples to begin with :-

Original headline: Neat way to organize and find anything in your purse instantly!
Modified Headline : How to Instantly Find Anything in Your Purse

Original headline : The Two Types of Cognition
Modified Headline : Learn to Understand Your Own Intelligence

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  1. Description Should Be Precise:

The headline is imperative to attract attention, however in the event that you need to keep that attention going, a significant description is key. The description must be marginally provocative on the grounds that this draws more attention yet at the same time, never utilize lies and false certainties to incite interest. Case in point, if your mention that “This article will uncover to you the 10 beyond any doubt approaches to manage stress once and everlastingly and live like a lord starting now and into the foreseeable future.” guests will barely believe that your story is valid and certainties based.

You additionally may be enticed to utilize a long describe all section to depict your extraordinary perfect work of art yet have as a top priority that numerous users won’t try to peruse anything more than 100-150 characters. Also, a portion of the social bookmarking sites restrict descriptions, so you would do well to think ahead of time how to portray your article as quickly as could be expected under the circumstances.

  1. Perfect Time to Submit:

The time when you submit can be significant for your endeavors to get to the front page. On most social bookmarking sites, you have just 24 hours to get to the front page and stay there. Along these lines, in the event that you post when most visitors (and particularly your supporters) are as yet resting, you are squandering profitable time. When they get up, you may have gone to the tenth page. You would do well to attempt it for yourself and check whether it works for you however for the most part posting sooner than 10 a.m. US Central Time is bad. Numerous individuals say that they get more traffic by 3 p.m. US Central Time. Additionally, workdays are by and large better as far as traffic yet the drawback is that you have a bigger number of contenders for the front page than on weekends.

  1. Make Other’s Job Easier:

It is best when other individuals, not you, bookmark your site. Consequently, you should make your best to make it less demanding for them to do it. You can put a bookmarking button towards the end of the article, so if viewers like your substance, they can without much of a stretch post it. On the off chance that you are utilizing a CMS, check if there is an expansion that permits to include Digg,, and different buttons however in the event that you are utilizing static HTML, you can simply go to the social bookmarking site and duplicate the code that will add their button to your pages.

  1. Co-ordinate with Social Bookmarkers:

The Lonely Wolf is a self-destructive system on destinations like StubleUpon, Digg, Netscape. Numerous stories make it to the front page since they are awesome as well as on the grounds that they are read by your own close companions. In the event that in the initial hours after your submittal you get no less than 15 votes from your companions and supporters, it is more probable that different users will vote in favor of you. 50 votes can get you to the top page of Digg.

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  1. Say No to Stale News:

Submitting old news won’t help you in turning into a regarded visitor. Yesterday’s news is history. Yet, in the event that despite everything you have to submit old stuff, consider highlight articles, howtos and comparable pieces that are up to date for quite a while.

  1. Not All Topics Work Well:

Be that as it may, once in a while even extraordinary content and submitting to the right class don’t push you to the top. One conceivable reason could be that your stories are about disagreeable themes. Numerous sites have points that their users adore and subjects that don’t offer that well. Case in point, Apple offers well on Digg and The War in Iraq on Netscape. Negative stories – about George Bush, Microsoft, fiendish multinational organizations, debasement and wrongdoing likewise have an opportunity to make it to the front page. You can’t know these things ahead of time yet some examination on what number of stories labeled with keywords like yours have made the front page in the most recent year or so can provide you some insight.

  1. RSS Feeds etc….

RSS feeds, newsletter memberships, associate promoting are all regions in which the traffic from social bookmarking sites can help you a considerable measure. Numerous individuals who go to your site and like it, will subscribe to RSS channels and/or your newsletter. Along these lines, you have to place these in noticeable spots and afterward you will be dumbfounded at the quantity of new memberships you got on the day when you were on the front page of a noteworthy social bookmarking site.

  1. Server Should Be Able to Handle Heavy Traffic:

This is not really a state of minor significance yet we underestimate that you are facilitating your site on a solid server that does not crash twice per day. In any case, have as a primary concern that your existence on the front page of a noteworthy social bookmarking site can drive you a great deal of traffic, which can bring about your server to crash – actually!

  1. Submit To the Right Category:

In some cases a site won’t not work for you on the grounds that there is no correct category for you. Then again in light of the fact that you don’t submit to the right category – innovation, wellbeing, whatever – however due to categories like General, Miscellaneous, and so on where all unclassified stuff goes. Also, since these categories fill quick, your opportunity to get visible diminishes.

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  1. Snowball Effect:

Regardless of the distinctions in any semblance of the diverse social bookmarking groups, there are striking likenesses. You will soon find that if a post is famous one of the distinguished sites, this as a rule drives it up on the other enormous and littler sites. Generally it is Digg posts that get to be prevalent on StumbleUpon and Reddit however there are numerous different cases. To utilize this further bolstering your best good fortune, you might need to focus your endeavors on getting to the front page of the significant players just and wager on the snowball impact to drive you to the top on different sites.

An extra advantage of the snowball effect is that if you’re posting is intriguing and individuals begin blogging about it, you can get huge amounts of backlinks from their blogs This happened to many and the outcome was that my PR bounced to 6 on the following update.