A year ago, Preston Pilant, Executive Director of The Pet Ring Foundation drove around Casper looking for a permanent solution for the organization's low-cost spay and neuter clinics being held at the fairgrounds.  Loading and unloading all the bulky equipment and cages was tiring, and something always manged to get broken. He knew the group needed something more permanent. When he pulled up to the former animal hospital on fairgrounds road, he couldn't believe his eyes. Here was exactly what he had been looking for and then some. The foundation gained the lease, and spent the last year renovating and repairing the run-down building. Pilant used the proceeds from his for-profit company Soda Central to pay for the much needed renovations and repairs; investing nearly $73,000 of his company's profits. The building would not only be a home for the spay and neuter clinic, but an invetment for the foundation as well. Four Paws Boarding offers low-cost boarding with the proceeds going directly to the foundation.  The facility also offers space for the organization's rescue animals. After providing the first clinic in the new favility, the traveling doctors delivered a devastating blow: they were choosing to retire from spay and neuter clinics. Pilant knew that low-cost spay and neuter clinics are a much needed service to the community, and wanted to offer it more than a couple times per year. So, he once again went on a mission with the help of Dr. Heather Carlton of Jackson, she pointed him in the direction of the Powells from Ten Sleep WY.  The Powells are a part of Dr. Carlton's traveling reservation clinic and were thrilled with the idea of joining for a Casper clinic. Board members of the foundation met with the Powells, and hatched out a plan to be able to offer the clinics monthly in Casper. The first two clinics were a smashing success and the third is approaching June 3rd and 4th,  with clinics to follow monthly for the rest of the year. Visit the foundation's website to sign-up for the clinic or to volunteer come be a hero with the rest of the team.