Artificial Oxygen Gas Plant for Hospital Uses

Oxygen is absolutely necessary for sustaining life on earth. And, it is abundantly available in the earth’s atmosphere. There are times when a patient has to be administered oxygen artificially in hospitals; for such scenarios, you have got oxygen plants and cylinders. Besides being used in health care, it is used in numerous industries such as metal processing, fishing, glass works, welding, chemical and petroleum, health care, waste management, etc.

If you are looking for an machinery oxygen plant , there is no denying the fact that we are one of the best manufacturers in India. As customer satisfaction is our primary focus, we take utmost care to ensure that our machines are manufactured in compliance with international standards. For getting latest technology, we have signed collaboration with an Italian company for technology transfer. On the other hand, we also send our engineers and technician to Italy for receiving training.

Atmospheric air is tapped for production of oxygen. Once the air is trapped inside the plant, it is purified of other elements present in the air. However, it is to be noted that it is distinct from cryogenic separation plant which separates and retains all elements found in the air.

Apart from being absolutely vital for living processes, oxygen is also very important for numerous industrial and technological processes. It finds applications in various industries like metal processing, welding and cutting and brazing. Burning is one process which cannot be carried out without oxygen. In cutting and brazing, welding and metal processing, it is used as high-temperature producing flame. Being used as a welding torch is the most common application of oxygen. On the other hand, oxygen also finds numerous applications on account of its oxidant properties.

It is used as an oxidation agent on raw chemicals for getting nitric oxide, ethylene oxide, vinyl chloride and various other chemical compounds. On the other hand, it is also used for increasing production of oil and gas in the petroleum industry. It also finds application for improving viscosity and flow characteristics of oil and gas. It is used even for reduction of sulfuric deposits in the refineries.

On buying our oxygen plant, it is assured that you would be getting oxygen with purity up to 99.7%. Coming in capacities ranging from 50 m3/hr to 2,000 m3/hr, our plants are known to deliver top-class performance. We have responsive customer service team which responds to customers immediately after receiving their queries.