Money For Future Adults, Financial Literacy for 4th and 5th Grades, by MDC Finance Professor Raymar Rodriguez

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Miami, Florida 

Financial Literacy Expert and Miami Dade College Finance Professor Raymar Rodriguez, has penned "Money For Future Adults, Financial Literacy for 4th and 5th Grades." Available on with illustrations by Elysse Ajami, the simple concepts paperback geared for youth, is designed to expose important financial concepts to future adults at an early age.

"Money For Future Adults, Financial Literacy for 4th and 5th Grades." helps young people master basic ideas related to money management, setting readers on a solid financial course. The author believes a strong foundation of financial literacy will help readers avoid the common mistakes of accumulating debt and not accumulating assets.

Professor Rodriguez says we live in a hyper-competitive world that often entices our youth to covet things way beyond their means. The availability of easy credit in return offers many opportunities to purchase items that they cannot afford. Once a person has started living beyond their means and becomes highly indebted, it becomes very difficult to change their ways and their financial situation.

Rodriguez wants to encourage elementary school teachers to review the book and consider incorporating it into their lesson plans. "I believe that financial literacy should be taught at an early age, and reinforced throughout a person's life. The triangle of a solid financial foundation will always be: living below your means, regular savings, and control of debt," said Rodriguez.

"Money for Future Adults, Financial Literacy for 4th and 5th Grades," is available on AMAZON, and everywhere that books are sold.

About Raymar Rodriguez:

Raymar Rodriguez, a popular Professor of Finance at Miami Dade College, has been immersed in “everything money” since 1984. He was a banker at a large financial institution for 12 years. During that period, he reviewed thousands of personal financial records, statements, profiles and budgets. This training gave him the uncanny ability to quickly detect and address problems in his clients’ budgets. He developed the Financial Survival Workshop, later called Financial Happiness Workshop, to address financial problems being experienced by many in his community. The classes are still held regularly after 10 years at churches, college campuses, corporations, and non- profit organizations.

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What: "Money For Future Adults, Financial Literacy for 4th and 5th Grades"

Who: by Raymar Rodriguez (Author), Educa Vision Inc. (Editor), Elysse Ajami (Illustrator)

Details: $14.50 Available as a paperback on