Tender Belly Bacon Every Month Club

Tender Belly was founded by two brother from Iowa - hog snobs, to say the least. Our approach to crafting the finest pork products possible starts with our care and commitment to the well-being of the animals and extends through every step of our process.

We believe anything good takes time, so we put excessive care into making sure things are done right. Not just because it's the right thing to do, but because it results in the finest tasting pork products that'll ever grace your mouth. 

We use only naturally grown heritage hogs, meaning NO antibiotics, NO hormones, NO gestation or farrowing crates. We hand select the ingredients that go into our signature maple and habanero spice rub and then dry cure and cherrywood smoke each to perfection. 

Like many startups, ours began in a garage where co-founder and former chef, Erik Duffy, mastered our signature dry-rub recipe. It's what creates the standout flavor our bacon is known for. 

Only the best of the best goes into our dry-rub - it's critical to the flavor of our bacon so we hand select only the finest ingredients, sparing no expense in getting it right. Then we give our recipe time to work its magic - almost two weeks - so those tender bellies can fully absorb the intense dry-rub flavor. 

A great addition to any holiday guide, is Tender Belly's amazing pork packages (the bacon lover, the at-home chef and the BBQ enthusiast) or our most popular, the Bacon Every Month Club ( Who doesn’t want the world’s best bacon (either signature maple or habanero flavored) delivered to their doorstep every month. 4 lbs, no shipping, only $59. 

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