How to sell Hair Extensions (Book) and Hair Accessories

Chicago- Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York 

Krysmari Brands is revolutionizing the hair extensions business with products and services designed to help stylist and other hair professionals become more efficient and profitable in salons or  hair extensions business sales. 

Selling hair extensions is a huge business that generates lucrative income for stylist and hair extension sales professionals that have the knowledge and tools to market and build a business unique enough to stand out in a crowded industry. Well, you no longer have to worry about the competition because you are equipped with the book " How to Sell Hair Extensions" , that means you as a professional are empowered with knowledge not readily shared by others in the business.  This is the most comprehensive book on the hair extensions business for professionals.

The Krysmari  brand specializes in hair accessory products to help stylist, salon owners and hair extension sales professionals leverage the unique approach to building a brand in the hair extension industry. The line includes  the industry hair extensions  book,a line of custom designed crystal glam hangers, and the time saving Hair Extensions Washer (AKA) The Weave Washer. 

Krysmari products are for the beauty and style professionals looking to elevate their business and brands to new levels of success with innovative hair industry products designed exclusively for hair extension experts and sales professionals. 

The Krysmari Products available to Professionals style Experts 

The book " How to Sell Hair Extensions", is the only book on the market providing professional information to those in the hair extensions business or those looking to start a new business venture in the lucrative hair industry.

The Hair Extensions Washer - You no longer have to wash clients hair by hand thanks to the patented  Hair Washing Machine by Krysmari, you load the hair in the machine with instructions and go about your day in the salon until its completed its cycle.

The Glam Hangers- These are beautiful crystal binged out hangers for your hair that can be used for hair display in your store or salon, or as part of your packaging when clients purchase hair from you.

Krysmari Glam Head- The Glam Head was created to give your wig a place of style to rest after a long day, and did I mention it sparkles and can be any color you want?

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