Many colorful outfits in yesterday's Native Fashion Show attracted many onlookers.

A Native Fashion Show hosted on the reservation yesterday evening, attracted a lot of onlookers who were in attendance earlier in the day for the Shoshonean-Numic Language Reunion held in Fort Washakie.

Models from all dance categories were on display with many beautiful, colorful outfits. Outfits made by grandmothers, and mothers, and some even by the dancers themselves. Very talented, with a lot of work put into the designs and features of each outfit.

(Photo of mother and daughter)

The dancers wearing hats, it was told, the hats were made for them as being members of the Chief’s family. “That is very powerful,” commentator Anne Abeyta said as the women were on stage.

(Photo of women with hats)

Translated into the Language of the Shoshone Tribe, grandmother Reba Teran followed suit to Commentator Anne Abeyta.

All of the dancer’s outfits are made from the colors of the rainbow, for they do their dancing for the Creator as prayers are sent up; an amazing Native American tradition.

“The fancy dancers signify beautiful butterflies with the many beautiful colors,” said Anne Abeyta. “All styles of outfits are made for both the young and the old.”

(Picture of girl in red shawl outfit)

One of the model’s grandmothers always told her, “stay in the circle, it’s the good way of life.”

In participation were many dancers, including formers Miss Shoshone Indian Days, Little Miss Ute Princess, and even dancers from afar such as Corianna Braman-Hill who is from Blackfoot Idaho.

(Picture of girl with red traditional dress)

The event was a great kick off to what is in store for this year’s 2016 Eastern Shoshone Indian Day Pow-wow set to start in just a few days.

(Picture of the men with war bonnets)