Surprise Arizona Travel Agency Celebrates 25 Years in Business


Tropical Sails Corp was established in 1991 and has since then, taken numerous clients all over the globe with entirely total unique solar eclipse experiences including Australia, Africa, Baja, China, California, Turkey, Tahiti, and in the Java Sea of Indonesia recently.

“Traveling should be a unique adventure,” says Daniel Oppliger, owner and founder of Tropical Sails Corp, a Surprise, AZ, travel agency celebrating its 26th year of operation.

He is enthralled by the exceptional, remarkable and, adventure of travel. And for this reason, he systematizes trips all over the globe; deliberately to mesmerize your entire senses!

A caravan of RV motorhomes, involving 85 individuals to the Baja Peninsula to take a glimpse at the total solar eclipse from La Paz, Mexico’s warm embrace, was his first excursion in 1991.

What started initially as just a unique request from a client has become an adventure that is now being enjoyed almost by a thousand customers.

The Windjammer Barefoot tall ships were chartered by TSC for the solar eclipse in 1998 off Guadeloupe. Ships chartered included the Fantome, Legacy, the Mandalay, Polynesia, and the new Star Clipper ship. This brought about an expansion in her offerings to cruise ships!

A two week tour for 33 individuals cruising in private yachts in Turkey; through Ephesus, the Dardanelles, and Bosporus down the Black Sea was organized in 1999 by Tropical Sails Corp.

A Five Country in African Safari covering a distance of 3000 miles led by Daniel, all the way through Africa (South Eastern) on safaris and riding in dugout canoes.

They took a group in China; in 2008 on the Silk Road Adventure - From China’s Great Wall to the City wall of Xian and the warriors of Terracotta; they traveled by airplane, and by bus through China’s great Silk Road. As they ride around the city wall of Xian, in bicycles and on camels in the desert, history came alive. From White Pagoda Hill, most of Tropical Sails Corps’ customers zip-lined down the mountain.

A group led by Tropical Sails in 2009 on the traditional China trip and Yangtze Cruise. China’s Great Wall headed for mahjong by the Temple of Heaven; all the sites in Beijing were visited by group. They saw the Terracotta warriors In Xian, on to the Yangtze for three nights of relaxation with great floor shows each successive night. They literally played In Shanghai atop the Tower of the Oriental TV. They continued their journey onto the gardens of Hangzhou and Suzhou.

In 2012 Daniel went to Yunnan Provence, China and the Upper Mekong-Shanghai to Kunming (the Flying Tiger land), they ascended to Shangrila through the Tea and Horse Trail to Lijiang, Dali, to the monastery in the sky. Their clients took sky rides in Xishuangbanna to find elephants and continued through the upper Mekong linking Laos, China and Thailand; and in the upper reaches of Thailand, they relaxed.

Tropical Sails clients in 2012, journeyed through the coast of Australia and the Great Barrier Reef. Along the way; visiting ports, they saw trains, koalas, a river in Brisbane and reef trips; all for a great time down under.

Press trips for the LA Times, London Daily Mail, Islands Magazine; ANA In Flight Magazine , Istanbul Star, Huffington Post and a host of others was organized by Daniel.

Tropical Sails has many clients booked for the Total Solar Eclipse on 21st of August , 2017; on coach tour from Salt Lake City, UT.

Daniel Oppliger has been in 38 countries in the past 25 years, providing guidance through exotic areas to groups. TSC also adds to the experience and the cultural traditions whether it means the Chinese Opera, zip-lining or hiking off the beaten path like the exotic Silk Road, camel rides, China, Yunnan, and cruising on the seldom seen upper Mekong River.

Tropical Sails Corp will provide you with unique flexibility if you are interested in journeys involving either large or small groups of individuals. TSC have professional in the field in China and Turkey. They have contacts in various destinations. And for over two decades, Tropical Sails Corp has been providing her clients with tall ship cruises. They have been offering Cruises on European River and extraordinary tours to our clients.


Tropical Sails Corp (TSC) is a Surprise Arizona travel agency. They offer family travel, cruises, yacht charter, river cruises and extraordinary travel ideas. Since the establishment in 1990, TSC have taken over a thousand of her clients all over the world on tours relating to solar eclipse and astronomy. The owner and founder, Daniel Oppliger has been to 38 countries. Tropical Sails Corp specializes in the sailing cruises of tall ships, ocean cruises, river cruises, Turkey and China, and solar eclipse travel.

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