Drones are now regulated in Australia

Video drones are everywhere, every electronic shop and toy store has attached a camera to a helicopter and called it a video drone. Until they hit a bird, get caught in a gust of wind or fly out of range and crash.

Then they are a toy not meant for commercial use.

Damien Comerford, from leading video production company Sharp Image TV, has some horror stories he has come across in the last few years.

“Cowboy video companies put these cheap drones into the air every day above the heads of event guests, staff and property with no thought to consequences. Injuries are happening, I have seen damage caused to buildings, marques, cars and neighbouring properties. Guests have been hit by out of control drones. Events are being ruined by these operators”

This is why the Government has stepped in, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) have introduced the UAV Operator Certificate for drone operators. Before you book your video drone, ask if they are Certified, and if they are not, they are breaking the law.

Remember that as the person who retained the video company, you are liable for those damages, and any fines that may ensue - especially from Workcover and CASA.

This is why SharpImageTV only use military grade drones and operators licensed by CASA. Before booking a drone, please make sure, for your own protection and the protection of your guests that your operator is licensed.

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