Career In Clinical Research After BDS

Career In Clinical Research After BDS Before aspiring dentistry as a career , you generally have no idea of the difficulties that you are going to face. Most of you do a mistake of thinking that you are going to face a smooth career with easy and high returns. By the time of completion of your internship this dreams break and you come face to face with the hard realities.

We decode here career options that are available to a dental graduate. The career scenario is very dynamic. New options keep coming as for example, Clinical Research and some old ones goes out. Sometime some old job scenario revives, both private and government .So lots to consider and decideā€¦.here we help you guide in the field ofClinical Research.

India is becoming a hub for clinical research; the demand for professionals in this field is growing rapidly. There is a massive demand for clinical research professionals, making it an interesting career option with massive growth potential.

Now coming to the aspiring BDS candidates, here is a short briefing for your role in Clinical Research fields:

  • Principal Investigator

  • Co-investigator

  • Medical Advisor

  • Drug Developer

  • Regulatory Affairs Manager or

  • Clinical Research Physician

There is also scope for bio-statistician who are assigned to perform statistical programming, design, and analysis for clinical trial projects. Provides statistical analyses, summaries and reports of studies to your reporting.

Another career option is CRM or Clinical Research Managers who supervise design and writing of protocols, case report forms and informed consent forms for clinical trials. They ensure that CRFs are reviewed in a timely fashion and submitted to the data management group.

There are other posts too such as Clinical Research Coordinator, Business Development Manager, Clinical Research Investigator, Clinical Data Manager etc.

With upgrading yourself there are chances of betterment in your job profile.

There is high demand for trained professionals in this field. With an impressive pay package at the entry level your higher degrees and relevant certifications can double theamount . Clinical research is an industry where experience counts, thus the longer you are in this field, higher the salary you can expect.

According to industry reports, India is the second largest pharmaceutical market in Asia growing by more than nine per cent annually.

India is evolving in many phases to run the race in the world; and Clinical Research is one such phase where India is making remarkable development and growth. India has been involved in clinical research for the past many years and is now on its way to becoming a major focus for it. The billion dollar industry is already witnessing high demand for qualified professionals. Indian pharmaceutical industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the Indian economy and has made rapid strides over the years. There is a massive need for clinical research professionals in this fast-growing field. Clinical research makes an interesting career option with a great scope for professional growth. To build a career in clinical research, basic education in this field is necessary and a good hands on is the need.

With the many ongoing progressive researches in Pune, the demand of a CRA is increasing.

Lack of experience is no longer a hindrance, and companies are hiring from other streams too. With the more emergence of multinationals the industry is poised to grow exponentially.

We encourage the BDS candidates to focus in following a career with lots of knowledge enhancements and daily challenges. The Clinical Research industry is booming and with this the need of able and efficient candidates are growing. So why not try something different from the conventional route? Why not give a thought to the Clinical Research Courses that is offered by many reputed institutes and organizations and also by CRB Tech who has its own name in this sphere. Take the stride in Clinical Research fields and witness the enduring success in and with the industry.

Clinical Research review by CRB Solutions is sufficient to make you consider and take up a career in this field.

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