Skate Park Grand Opening

Saturday June 18th the CWSA commemorated the completion of the Tyler Ray Apodaca Skate Park with their grand opening. The event started at 11:00pm and went well past 8pm. Matt Wright and the members of the CWSA board hosted the event bringing in skaters from across the states to compete in the competition and a group of semi-pro scooter riders who performed as well. They kicked off the event with guest speakers including Captain Murphy from the Riverton Police Department. Captain Murphy congratulated the club for such a huge accomplishment and said if he had to guess, he would say calls to the park have gone down 80% since its completion. He also noted that you can't drive by the park without seeing at least 20-30 kids using it.

Matt thanked all the many sponsors who helped the club raise $300,000 to build the park and unveiled the sponsor wall with the clubs logo made out of all the sponsor's names. Sponsors were also given a board signed by members of the club as a thank you for their donations.

The competition started around 12:30pm with three Categories: Skateboard, BMX and Scooter. BMX and Scooter categories were broken into two divisions, Novice and Advanced, while Skateboarding was broken into age divisions. Each athlete had two 90 second runs to demonstrate their best skills and were scored by a panel of judges. 

Winners were announced that night as follows: 


1st. Shawndean Brown (Riverton)
2nd. Cordell Barrett (Riverton)
3rd. Roman Manning (Riverton)

1st. Josh Vickers - (Riverton)
2nd. Kennedy Prom (Riverton)
3rd. Hayden Hanger (Riverton)


1st. Blaine Logan (Riverton)
2nd. Brandon Ellis (Casper)
3rd. Donovan McGee (Utah)


1ST. Douglas Laird (Montana)
2nd. Danyl Marcus(Casper)
3rd. Bobby Reay (Casper)


1st. Patrick Smith (Lander)
2nd. Daxton Jones (Jackson)
3rd. Kayson Jones (Jackson)


1st. Chance Fontz (Lander)
2nd. Juan Rios (Gillette) 
3rd. Gregory Walker (Riverton)


1st. Jon Singer (Cody)
2nd. Everett Mathey (Casper) 
3rd. Matt Wright (Riverton)

Best Trick! BMX huge, impossible Tail Whip over the Mega Booster. Douglas Laird (Montana)

Shark Bait Award( in remembrance of Maddox Fischer ): Best trick 8-12 division. Backside disaster on the steep 6' Quarterpipe. Kayson Jones (Jackson)