Over Eating

The problem of Overeating
We eat for many reasons. It could be because we are hungry, maybe because we wish to celebrate or maybe if we want to keep ourselves busy. But why do people overeat? Remember that one must eat to live and not live to eat!!!
The trouble of overeating becomes a chronic problem if it starts impacting one’s health.
Overeating is an outcome of addiction to food.
In such a situation a person may eat even if he or she is not hungry.A delicious and yummy food of your choice when placed in front of you would be too hard for you to resist. One can’t resist the temptation of having their favourite meal irrespective of the fact whether he or she is hungry or not. Be cautious, develop self-control. If you need to eat at a relatives place, eat little and not lots of it. Don’t pounce upon it.
Over eating a Mindless activity
It could be mindless eating where one does not realise how much he or she eats. One may eat a lot while watching TV or maybe when they share a meal with their beloved. Such an act of eating without realising your portions is called as mindless eating.
Over eating due to social influence
Sometimes when we party out without friends, we tend to eat too much. This again may not be good for our health. In such a situation, order for a drink which is non-alcoholic. Don’t eat to kill time.
Over eating and Health concern
There are many dangers of over eating which are mentioned below:
Overeating and obesity both are associated with each other. If you over eat, you tend to bloat. Thus as human beings we should be cautious and give up on eating mindlessly.  Obesity can make you feel sluggish and can also lead into inactivity.
Mental Health trouble
If you are accustomed to over eating, it could impact your mental health. You may feel depressed or sad if you have put on weight because of your habit of over eating. Hence don’t over eat.
Overeating can make you acquire disease
Obesity and excess weight gain due to overeating can spoil your physique and health. Your chances of acquiring different types of health disorders can increase. These include cholesterol, blood pressure, and diabetes 2. High blood pressure could also increase chances of acquiring heart trouble or stroke occurrence.
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