STUDR App, A Social Based Platform For Study Sessions, Launches Kickstarter Campaign

New York, NY - STUDR, an app designed to establish a social-based platform devoted entirely to the academic side of collegial life, this week officially launched a Kickstarter campaign for garnering widespread support and understanding for the mission of their revolutionary study-based app.

Borne from a passion for equipping college students with a safe, reliable, and academic-centered platform that will enable them to coordinate and relay study information, STUDR will allow students to search, create, and attend scheduled study sessions.

“Most college students in their first years struggle to befriend and communicate with other students in their classes. They end up performing less than desired by the end of the course, and could have prevented the academic meltdown by sharing insight and information with other classmates,” said Kathleen Tripp, Founder and Creator of STUDR. “That’s why we created STUDR. Every college student deserves a chance at a well-rounded, academically rewarding college experience.”

App user’s are prompted to select their school in the app and are subsequently placed in a closed network of users from the same school. They are then able to search for a group that classmates have created, or create their own study group to get the ball rolling. Each group establishes a setting for meeting places and meeting times, and the app disseminates notifications to keep each group member in the loop.

STUDR has currently built an iOS and Android version that is undergoing group tests to flush out flitches in addition to making improvements based on feedback from the selected groups.

Their Kickstarter campaign is geared towards the acquisition of Collegiate Brand Ambassadors, marketing fees, and reinvestment on app functionality before it goes live in September.

STUDR will be completely free to download and user.

For more information, visit:

Kathleen Tripp
Phone: 516-425-4445