Terock Drops Hot New Single, "To Whom It May Concern"

Terock grew up in central Florida as a drummer and a rabid fan of the exploding cultural phenomenon of hip-hop and rap music. While still in elementary school, Terock’s older brother wrote the budding emcee’s first rap song, with Terock taking the reins of his promising career at a young age. His influences include elite hip hop artists such as Nas, all the way down to the pioneers of southern hip hop Outkast. Moreover, Terock has a unique interest and passion for an unlikely musical era. Terock asserts he has always liked the down south bass driven beats, but he was also attracted to the lyricism of up north rappers. He was obsessed with the lyricism and delivery of New York rappers, but he liked the energy that down south bass music generated. Moreover, his overall love of music is what makes him a multifaceted artist.

You can check out his newest single, "To Whom It May Concern" on Soundcloud.