Discount_Laptops Offers 100% Complete WHSS NSC Dell From Bill & Hillary Clinton White House West Wing

Many look forward to the best opportunity to own a piece of US history but it has always remained perplexing for one to find the best place to get such an item. All such problems come to an end with Discount_laptops offering the best opportunity for one to purchase a 100% complete WHSSS NSC Dell laptop from the Bill & Hillary Clinton White House West Wing. The entire package comes with Dell XPi CD Laptop, Dell PA-1 AC Adapter, Dell XPi Reference and Troubleshooting Guide, Microsoft Windows 95 User Manual, Certificate of Authenticity and Letter from WHSSS user. Being an awesome political collectible, this laptop was formerly owned by White House Situation Support Staff and registered by National Security Council. Bill & Hillary Clinton administration used this laptop during from 10/1997 to 01/2001. This laptop was legally purchased from the government through GSAsales, is marked unclassified and can be legally sold. With Intel Premium processor, this laptop comes with 166 MHz processor speed per core. With Windows 95 operating system, this Dell laptop also features 80 MB of RAM and is black in color. There is a cool background image of the White House that was taken by someone with access to WH grounds. All My Documents files have been deleted by former owner though.

Only the CDROM was replaced due to the WH coffee spill and RAM has been upgraded to 80MB to increase speed. With the original hard drive and the CPU this is undoubtedly the best political collectible. The Dell laptop is fully functional with Windows 95 and MS Office.

Adding to the convenience of the clients, the company offers free shipping within 2-3 days to United States. One can easily pay by PayPal and the purchase is protected by Bonanza purchase protection. Availing the WHSSS NSC Dell laptop from Bill Clinton White House is easier now with Discount_laptops.

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