Doughnut Lounge opens in Westport on December 17 after months of anticipation and will feature a bakery rarity – a full bar

Doughnut shop will feature traditional favorites, modern twists, and off-the-wall crazies called noduts, including Glazed & Gravy, Chicken Fried and Vegetarian

Kansas City, Mo. (Dec. 14, 2015) – Doughnut Lounge, a new doughnut shop with a full bar, opens to the public on Thursday, Dec. 17 at 4117 Pennsylvania Avenue in the heart of Westport. Doughnut Lounge’s service hours will be 6:30 a.m. – 10 p.m., Sunday through Tuesday, and 6:30 a.m. – 1 a.m., Thursday through Saturday.

Kansas City’s newest doughnut shop is the brainchild of Jake Randall, an entrepreneur whose aim is to create a space that fosters community, conversation and creativity. With experience in all facets of owning and managing a business, Randall is pursuing his dream of bringing a creative space to the people of Kansas City with the help of talented individuals throughout the community.

The Doughnut Lounge’s unique doughnut menu was created by Executive Chef Tye Eckert who will head the culinary operations. The menu spans three different categories, including Classics, Signatures and Noduts, with each doughnut denoted as yeast, old-fashioned or cake.

One of three of Randall’s business partner is Sean Malto, a Kansas City native who has risen to international fame as a professional skateboarder.

Doughnut Menu

Many ingredients will be sourced from Kansas City Food Circle, an organization that connects local farmers with local restaurants.


Randall and Eckert believe no doughnut shop is complete without the classics. The items under this category include the traditional doughnuts found at most doughnut shops

·        Glazed

·        Old-Fashioned

·        Lemon Pistachio Old-Fashioned

·        Tres Leches

·        Iced Chocolate

·        Double Chocolate


The signature doughnuts are a step above the classics, much like the traditional doughnuts, but with a Doughnut Lounge twist.

·        Ham and Cheese- baked ham bits, local cheddar, honey mustard glaze

·        S’more- chocolate ganache glaze, marshmallow fluff, graham cracker crumble

·        Dolly- sheep’s milk custard, root beer glaze, fresh basil

·        Gingerbread- gingerbread cookie filling

·        Apple Fritter- yeast-raised doughnut

·        Egg Nog- tres leches doughnut, egg nog glaze

·        Maple Bacon- bacon bits, maple glaze

·        Candy Cane- chocolate cake, peppermint frosting, candy cane bits

·        Lucky Charms- cereal milk glaze, cereal bits

·        Caramel Apple- apple cider cake, caramel glaze, sea salt


The noduts are fork and knife creations that take the shape of a doughnut and turn it into a meal. There will be two small plate breakfast noduts each day and two dinner plate noduts. The breakfast noduts will be served from open to 4 p.m. and dinner noduts will be served from 4 p.m. to close.

·        Glazed & Gravy- glazed, sage and sausage gravy, fried egg

·        Jammer- biscuit doughnut, homemade jam, local butter

·        Chicken Fried- glazed, fried chicken, hot sauce

·        Vegetarian- sweetcorn cake doughnut, roasted garlic mushrooms, goat cheese, arugula


In addition to a robust doughnut menu, Doughnut Lounge also offers a full bar. The bar menu features seven signature cocktails, two original cocktails, five wines and more than 15 bottled beers. Dom Petrucci, of Julep, another Westport establishment, was the lead consultant on the Doughnut Lounge’s bar program.

Classic Cocktails

·        Old Fashioned- whiskey, sugar, bitters

·        Last Word- gin, chartreuse, maraschino, lime

Signature Cocktails

·        Signet- whiskey, vermouth, bitters

·        Hardly Questioned- rum, juice, pumpkin, spice, egg white

·        Against Method- gin, vermouth, maraschino, bitters, warm

·        Eagle Street- sherry, fernet, juice, cucumber

·        Slow Jamz- vodka, espresso, cream

·        Wolf- cognac, scotch, bitters, simple syrup, suze, cynar

·        Daily Breakfast- rotating daily shot + beer

Coffee Program

The Doughnut Lounge coffee program will showcase a rotating three-month schedule of featured coffee roasters, including local favorites like Oddly Correct, Post Coffee Company, Parisi, and Roasterie, as well as roasters local to Michigan and Illinois, Randall and Eckert’s home states. A cold brew and nitro brew will be on tap from Alchemy Coffee in Lawrence, Kansas.


The Doughnut Lounge offers catering services for events both large and small, like weddings, company parties, graduations, baby and wedding showers, and holiday get-togethers. For catering options, call 816-659-DNUT (3688) and ask for a manager.

About Doughnut Lounge

Located in the heart of Westport, Doughnut Lounge is Kansas City’s shop for one-of-a-kind doughnuts. Owner and operator Jake Randall created Doughnut Lounge as a space for community, creativity and conversation over unique doughnuts, coffee and cocktails from the full bar. The doughnut shop features Classic, Signature and Nodut (a.k.a. Knife-And-Fork Doughnuts) doughnuts, all created by the leader in the kitchen, Executive Chef Tye Eckert. The restaurant is open 6:30 a.m. – 10 p.m., Sunday through Tuesday, and 6:30 a.m. – 1 a.m., Thursday through Saturday. For more information, visit, “like” Doughnut Lounge on Facebook and follow Doughnut Lounge on Twitter and Instagram @DoughnutLounge.