Concordia University Wisconsin Theater Program Receives Award for "12 Angry Jurors" Production

The Concordia University Wisconsin theater program recently received a regional award for their production of “12 Angry Jurors,” a play following 12 jurors in a courtroom as they deliberate the guilt or innocence of an intercity teen charged with murder.

The recognition received was a Certificate of Merit for Best Ensemble, given by the Kennedy Center for the Arts College Theatre Festival (KCACTF), an annual competition in January where productions across the nation are selected to compete for top honors.

According to Lori Woodall, assistant professor of theater and communications, all productions at CUW are reviewed by a KCACTF respondent who can then choose whether or not to award the production based on the strength of performance.

“The respondent felt that the cast worked well together as an ensemble, with each of them bringing their character to life,” Woodall said.  

This marks the fourth time the CUW theater program has received recognition from the KCACTF since 2014, with ensemble, director, and dramaturge awards for “Sense and Sensibility,” a lighting design award for “Charlotte’s Web,” and a stage management award for “Macbeth.”

Students who were part of the “12 Angry Jurors” ensemble are: Adam Waggoner, Joseph Waugh, Jacob Petrowsky, Marcel Alston, Noah Voigt, Colin Murdy, Thomas Forshee, Mark Zieroth, Sarah Schmeiser, Stephanie Bongard, Elise Gasper, Sarah Schulz, Lianna Brice, and Levi Perrine.

For more information on CUW’s theater program, contact Lori Woodall at or 262-243-2035.