Universal Devices Releases Z-Wave / INSTEON controller

The most powerful automation device..

 now with full Z-Wave support

Support for 1,000's of Z-Wave and INSTEON devices.
  • Supports complete ecosystem of Z-Wave devices
  • Best in class INSTEON support (requires optional 2413s PLM)
  • Updated regularly to support new device types. .
True energy management platform
  • Reads energy usage from supported devices
  • Support for OpenADR demand response
  • California Title 24 compliant
  • Perfect for Home and Business Energy and Building Management.
Powerful Logic to automate all aspects of your connected home & business
  • Easy If/Then/Else programming with a click of the mouse
  • Supports devices, status, weather, variables, even A/V equipment like Sonos
  • Send notifications via email or SMS
  • Create complex schedules using precise time, from/to, days, sunrise/sunset times, offsets, etc.
Remotely accessible from anywhere in the world and on any platform
  • Monitor, control, and configure your system remotely
  • Secure Web Server built-in with digital certificate support
  • Create port forwarding rules on your  router
  • Advanced Java Applet or native HTML interface
  • Support for Windows, MAC, and Linux
Expandable with software modules for even more control
  • HAM Weather supports current, forecast, and even personal weather stations
  • Network module to support any IoT device with a REST interface
  • ELK Security module to fully control and monitor your security system
  • Sprinkler module to measure watering needs.
Excellent support 6 days a week!

Now available at your favorite retailers and online stores: Orchestrated Home, Amazon, Smarthome, AARTech (Canada), Viking (Australia), INSTEON Latinoamerica, Synnex (Wholesale)

For a full list of retailers go to our website

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