So how many islands will be Runescape Gold

So how many islands will be coming with July's update, and which ones? Well, your first port of call in July is going to be Waiko (a trading hub), along with Whale's Maw (a haven for fishermen) and Aminishi (home of the Acolytes of Seiryu – see below for more on them).

This means, for July, we're aiming to have three further miniquests set in the Runescape Gold  region proper. The other four locations – Tuai Leit, Goshima, Cyclosis (you'll have to discover this one in Ports first), and The Islands that Once were Turtles – will arrive in October. That release will likely bring another three, and we're considering a final one to form part of this year's Halloween update. That's up to eight miniquests in total in place of one or two regular quests, though the final number and distribution is, of course, still subject to change.

In the future, once more of the Wushanko Islands have been built, we have no doubt that they'll be home to full-length quests. A lot of the initial stories will be on a more personal level (the Eastern Lands is free from the influence of gods, but it's not without its own problems).