The Exclusive Auto Spa Brings Your Car Back to Life

The Exclusive Auto Spa is a locally owned & operated business that specializes in the latest detailing technology, offering top-notch service and paying close attention to detail. Their main priority is delivering the highest standards through their customer service and mobile auto detailing in Raleigh, NC. They are constantly trying to find new ways to improve their methods, products, and prices for a better outcome.

Their certified, license, and insured technicians have 15 years of experience and knowledge with all types of cars. Their team will do all they can so that you can benefit from a full range of luxury vehicle detailing services to bring your cherished vehicle back to life. From washing to paint correction, your vehicle will be looking as good as new. With their mobile service, you simply have to schedule an appointment and their friendly technicians will accommodate you.

For thorough interior and exterior detailing, The Exclusive Auto Spa offers different package deals that you can choose from. The express wash package takes approximately 30-60 minutes and is completed by hand. This is of benefit because they have immediate contact with the vehicle and the ability to clean completely and efficiently while having a visual inspection. The deluxe package takes approximately 1-2 hours, and it focuses on hand cleaning the vehicle inside and out, bug and tar removal, dressing the exterior plastic trim, cleaning the interior and exterior windows, vacuuming the interior, cleaning the hard surfaces, and adding the fragrance of your choice. The ultimate shine package focuses on using clay paint to remove environmental fallouts and applying cherry wet wax.

Their most popular packages include the elite and exclusive packages where the former takes approximately 3-4 hours wherein they clean and recondition leather seats or they clean and shampoo fiber cloth seats. They deep clean, spot treat, and shampoo carpet and floor mats, lightly clean the headliner, and others. The exclusive package takes 5-8 hours and focuses on cleaning the inside of the fuel door, removing and cleaning the license plate, paint leveling compound to remove scratches, swirl marks and paint imperfections, polish paint to restore shine and luster, applying polymer paint to sealant, removing wax, and polishing wheels and chrome among others. Their extreme package takes approximately 2-4 hours, and it focuses mainly on interior detailing.

If you request for additional services, these can be added to any package that you choose or it can be charged separately. A few of these services include headlight restoration ($60), rain repellent glass treatment ($10), odor removal using Ozone Generator ($70), engine cleaning ($40), shampoo carpet and mats ($50/60), fiber shield ($30/40), leather conditioning ($35), paint sealant protection ($90/110), and scratch removal (call for pricing). Other services that involve excessive pet hair, bugs, interior mold/smells, and other unforeseen extreme conditions will range from $30-$75.

The Exclusive Auto Spa offers fleet services with regular cleaning of your business’ fleet whether you have a car dealership or a fleet of buses and trucks. With big businesses making use of their own vehicles which are being advertised to represent themselves, having a dirty vehicle may be sending off the wrong message. Their team believes in “time is money,” and in their case the less they have to travel from one location to another, the better. They specialize in fast, efficient, and affordable cleaning services for corporate services. They also offer discounted rates for fleet washing and services. You can call them today to ask for a free quote.

The Exclusive Auto Spa, aside from the obvious convenience of their complete mobile auto detailing in Raleigh NC, prides themselves in their ability to deliver the highest quality of car detailing expertise and customer service that will go above and beyond your expectations. They use the best available materials, high quality waxes, and other cleaners and treatments that are effective for your car. Their car detailing and full wash service focuses on both the inside and outside of your vehicle.

You can trust their company and have a total peace of mind when their team is handling your vehicle. So if you are in the area and looking for a dealership that offers exceptional Raleigh car detailing, stop by at The Exclusive Auto Spa.  For more information, you can contact them today at 919-265-8898 or email them at