In light of the upcoming 2016 elections, the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce worked with their Board of Directors, Action & Advocacy Committee, and the Wyoming Wranglers to develop pertinent questions relevant to our community and economic needs. Each question is focused on necessary items related to the economic foundation of our state, county, and city. The process is called "Reverse Endorsement" due to the fact that the Chamber reached out to multiple candidates and that any individual from any party that aligned with the goals of the Chamber could be endorsed. 

The process:

Ten yes/no questions were developed for each segment of government: Congress, Legislature, County Commissioner, and Mayor/City Council. Election filing contact information was used to contact each candidate where the questions and deadlines for answering were sent. Those that answered eight of the ten questions in favor with the view of Chamber Board Members were endorsed. These endorsements were formally published within the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce's "Leading from All Levels" Business Journal, but are now available here in detail for the public's viewing. View the questions asked and the reasoning behind the answers we were looking for, as well as which particular questions endorsed candidates said "yes" or "no" to.


The goal of the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce is to best educate voters on potential policy makers who will best serve our economic development and growth needs, and identify those who will best serve business if voted into office. 

Note: It was not required that participants submit descriptive answers. Of those that did, it was the Chamber's responsibility to decipher a "yes" or "no" answer out of the text provided. However, the exact responses have been provided.

    CONGRESSIONAL- House of Representatives

    STATE LEGISLATURE- Laramie County Legislature

    LARAMIE COUNTY- Commissioners

    CITY OF CHEYENNE- Mayor & City Council